Myths and Truths of Buying New Construction

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April 30, 2020

Myths and Truths of Buying New Construction

There tends to be a lot of myths surrounding real estate, especially about new construction homes. You may have heard some of these misconceptions, like new construction homes are more expensive, but you would be surprised to learn the truth. We’re here to set the record straight about some of the prevailing myths about buying a new construction home so you can make the right decision at any stage in life.

Myth: New construction homes are more expensive

The most common myth is that new construction homes are more expensive than resale homes. While new construction homes can be more expensive, you’re getting much more for your money when you buy new. Advances in building processes and materials have made it more cost-effective to build a new home. They’re also built with modern designs and layouts, saving you from expensive and time-consuming remodeling projects. They’re also more energy efficient than most resale homes, saving you money on utilities.
Not only that, but when you buy a new home, EVERYTHING is new: appliances, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, flooring, roofing, and more. You won’t need to worry about replacing anything for several years. In addition, you may find the cost of living is slightly lower, new construction is built with energy efficient construction practices and energy efficient appliances. Plus, with our home builder warranty, it’ll be years before you have to worry about making repairs. In short, you’ll be able to walk into a home that’s completely ready for your family and built to last a lifetime.

Myth: You need a construction loan to buy a new construction home

Guess what: you don’t need a construction loan to buy a new construction home! You can finance a new construction home with the same loans you’d use to buy a resale home including conventional loans, FHA loans, and even VA loans. Most builders partner with preferred lenders to simplify the financing process and offer you appealing rates and terms.

Myth: You have to pay more for land

Unless you’re building on your own lot, you don’t have to pay more for land when you buy a new construction home. Aside from lot premiums on select homesites, land is included in the final price of every Hayden home (please see a community sales representative for details).

Myth: Building a new home is stressful

Building a new home is an exciting process! Many people enjoy watching their dream home come to life over the course of a build. At Hayden Homes, we have Community Managers who will manage the entire process for you and will provide you with weekly updates to keep you updated every step of the way.

Myth: There are too many decisions to make

For some homebuyers, choosing paint colors, materials, and finishes are the best part of buying a new construction home. But if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of choosing everything, we have you covered. We have simplified the design process to make it fun and straightforward. With our easy to use color packages, that were hand selected by a professional designer, it’s easier than ever. We can help you choose the right selections for your home and budget.

Myth: New construction takes too long

Some buyers are worried that building a home from the ground up takes a long time. Why wait months to move into a home when you can buy a resale home that’s already built? Well, if you need to make any renovations before moving in, you could still be waiting for that work to finish or live in a construction zone.
Experienced builders are able to quickly and efficiently build new homes while adhering to high quality standards. Also, we have a variety of inventory homes that are ready for buyers who may need to move within a certain timeframe so you can select from homes that are complete and ready for move in and others that are in the process of being completed. View the list of available homes throughout the Pacific Northwest today!

Buy new construction homes in the Pacific Northwest

New construction homes are a good option for homeowners. Knowing the facts behind these common myths will allow you to make an informed home buying decision. Have any more questions? Our community sales representatives are available to help!
At Hayden Homes, we have new construction homes available for sale in the Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We have beautiful homes that are perfect for every stage in life. Contact us when you’re ready to buy a new home. We can’t wait to help you find your dream home.