We Realtors®

At Hayden Homes, we recognize that Realtors, like yourself, have been a leading source of our sales and success. We value the agents we work with and believe the closer we work together, the better we can support both you and your clients throughout the home buying process.

Hayden Homes operates with a two-step client registration process. We require that you complete the following:

1 Register your clients… It’s simple!

Search for your name or email address in the SEARCH REALTORS® box. Choose your account from the populated list or add yourself as a new Realtor® if your name/email address does not populate.

2 Complete our easy Client Registration form below or visit one of our model homes.

In order for your client registration to be associated to your Broker record, we require a unique email address for both yourself and your client. Personally accompany your clients on their first visit to a specific Hayden Homes community. This is the perfect time to connect with our in-house Community Manager and ask any questions about our homes, communities or sales process.

We look forward to continuing and growing our Realtor® relationships and, of course, we’re excited about welcoming new agents and homeowners to the Hayden Homes family! You can rest easy knowing your clients will be taken care of for years to come.

You have the clients. We have the homes.

To be eligible to Register Your Clients you must hold an active real estate license in Oregon, Idaho, Washington or Montana.

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Our Commitment to You

  • No hassle registration. Complete our easy Client Registration form online or visit one of our model homes to ensure your client and commission are protected for 30 days.
  • Dedicated Team. Because our listing agents work exclusively for Hayden Homes, you can trust your buyer relationship is protected 100% of the time, all the time.
  • Let US help YOU. With limited inventory in local markets, we are committed to helping you find the ideal home for your clients.
  • Partnership is Key. Hayden Homes’ proactive approach of meeting with you and your clients will create a successful delivery of our new builder contract.
  • Clear expectations set us apart. Together, our aligned approach eliminates confusion, avoids the back and forth, and creates a WIN for the buyer.
  • Time is precious. Keeping you and your client informed throughout the building process allows you to concentrate on your next sale.
  • Get paid on time. Hayden Homes pays you in-full at time of closing AND, your commission is secure and based on the TOTAL contract value.
  • Happy customers = referrals.

Realtor® Partner Testimonials