Service you can count on.

When you buy a Hayden Home, you don’t just get a home, you get a commitment to quality that you can see and feel, a team who stands by their work and a reliable partner throughout the process. You get a home and home buying experience unlike anything else you’ll find on the market. Learn why Buying New rather than a used home is a sound investment in your future.

We invite you to explore our virtual tour to view the quality, name-brand products that are included in every new Hayden Home. You can rest assured that you have purchased a quality home that includes an external third-party inspection, our 300 Point Inspection, and our rock-solid Warranty Program.

Submit a Warranty Request

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Contact our Warranty Service Department


2464 SW Glacier Place,
Redmond, OR 97756


Mon. - Fri. | 8am - 5pm





In case of Emergency


Note: In an emergency, such as water leakage, lack of heat, or if electricity to the whole house is out, please do not fill out the online form. Call our emergency line at 1-855-429-3363. This number is monitored 24/7, please leave a message and an on-call service technician will respond promptly.