Our Commitment to Quality

Makes a Difference

New Home Orientation

Quality and customer satisfaction begins the day construction starts. Our Project Managers are committed to delivering your home on schedule and to the specifications you have selected with your Community Sales Manager to ensure that the home perfectly fits your family’s needs. From the foundation up, we are here, every step of the way, to ensure your home meets all the standards of quality and craftsmanship that you would expect in a new home..

Once your home is completed and the final building inspection has been granted by the city, your New Home Orientation will be scheduled by your Community Sales Manager. On orientation day your Project Manager and Customer Service Representative will meet you onsite to explain and orient you to every facet of your new home. We believe, that as an industry leader, it is our duty to instruct each new homeowner on the operation and maintenance of the equipment and systems within your new home.

300 Point Inspection

To ensure your home is 100% ready for your New Home Orientation, we conduct our 300 Point Inspection to certify each item is checked off and certified complete. This inspection list includes everything from the concrete and asphalt that construct your driveway, patio, and foundation to the siding and shingles that construct your roof, and everything in between.

No home is complete until it’s certified complete.

Warranty Care Program

Our Warranty Care Program provides state-of-the-art technology and support from your Customer Service Technician. With real time scheduling, tracking and information, you can be assured your warranty requests are scheduled, tracked, addressed and completed as quickly as possible. The skill and experience of our team along with the latest technology means your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our team is armed with the experience, skills, and technology to deliver answers to all your questions quickly and efficiently.

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