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June 7, 2017

First Time Home Buyers: The Next Hot Housing Market

McMansions, the term that has been coined to describe huge suburban homes that typically lack craftsmanship and originality, may be a thing of the past. To be sure, more people are looking to buy smaller, more manageable homes, especially millennials as they begin to participate in the housing market. This is because they are more affordable, more environmentally friendly, and more manageable, and they are selling like crazy in 2017!
Here’s a look in to what you need to consider about your first home, and how Hayden Homes can help you to find the one you’ve been looking for.
Millennials New Home Buyer
More First-time Homebuyers Enter the Market
The housing market is already surging, and with more first-time homebuyers entering the market – most of whom are millennials, or those born between 1980 and 2000 – the housing market is really kicking into high gear. According to an article in Fox Business, the percentage of first-time homebuyers typically sits at about 40 percent, a number that fell to 32 percent in 2015. Last year, that number climbed to 35 percent, and is projected to keep on gaining.
Many of those first-time buyers are not only millennials, but millennials who are more interested in efficient, smaller homes. Smaller homes dominate the new home market, with statistics showing that in the first quarter of 2017, 31 percent of speculative homes built by major builders were smaller than 2,250 square feet. That number is a 27 percent increase from a year ago.
Benefits of a First-time Purchase Hayden Homes
The benefits of buying a brand-new home are myriad, starting with the fact that now – while interest rates are still low – is a great time to buy. In addition to the financial benefits of homeownership, all new homes built by Hayden Homes offer advantages such as:

  • Environmentally friendly homes. Not only can you take advantage of a home that is smart, but you can also benefit from a home that is green, and equipped with the latest and greatest in energy efficient appliances and technology. This means that you will save money on utilities and energy expenditures, while also helping the earth.
  • Less maintenance. Newer homes require less work to maintain than do older homes, meaning that you do not have to spend your New-Homes-in-Oregon-Washington-and-Idahoweekends working on upkeep or expensive and time-consuming repairs. What’s more, our new homes come with a zero defect guarantee and one-year builder warranty, providing you with peace of mind.
  • The best in quality. Buying a new home from Hayden Homes provides you with an opportunity to get the best quality home available at an affordable price. The Hayden Homes brand is highly regarded as a value-driven home builder.
  • Financing with Hayden Homes. One of the potential challenges homeowners face is getting financing. What can make the financing process feel burdensome is dealing with the property inspection process, and technical financing regulations (like making sure a property is warrantable). When you work with Hayden Homes, we will refer to you a preferred lender who can help you get pre-approved fast. We want our customers to have the best options available when it comes to financing their new home.
  • Convenience of working with Hayden Homes. Working with Hayden Homes is a delight. Come tour one of our new home models – from there, we’ll help you get pre-approved for a loan with one of our preferred lenders, assist you in completing your EZ builder contract, help you to design your home with all the finishes and fixtures that you want, and handle the entire construction of your home. We promise to be quick to respond and communicate with you.

Become Part of the New Hot Housing Market
If you are a millennial, a new home purchase is the smart choice for your life, your budget, and your family. Hayden Homes offers a plethora of new home models that are more affordable, easier to maintain, you can personalize, and offer the latest and greatest in high tech features compared to old homes. When you work with Hayden Homes, we have convenient financing options available, and guarantee your satisfaction throughout the building process.
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