The spirit of generosity has been rooted at Hayden Homes since our inception. For Hayden’s Mother, Virginia, was a strong woman that inspired others through her generosity to be at your best, each and every day. Virginia saw each person as an individual, and believed that every person was worthy of love. She believed that we should live in a world where we GIVE more than we get.

Lessons in generosity and compassion came early in Hayden’s life. For Hayden’s Mother, Virginia, grew up during the Great Depression, and she shared many stories of how “out of work” men would stop by their house and ask her mother, “Do you have any work, Ma’am?” and Hayden’s grandmother never turned them away, instead she’d give them an job; stacking firewood, cleaning the yard or fixing a broken pipe and their payment was a homemade sandwich, a smile and genuine care.

That generosity was shared from one generation to the next…Hayden’s grandmother taught her daughter, Virginia, who in turn taught her son, Hayden, who has shared this spirit of generosity to the team members and partners of Hayden Homes…Creating generations and generations of givers.


Hayden Homes giving spirit encourages our team members to be the next generation of givers. Through genuine compassion and leading by example, our actions will influence others to make this world a better place to live.  When you see others do it, you realize you can do it too.

At Hayden Homes we invest in the communities in which we build. From supporting local economies to supporting our employees’ charitable efforts to partnering with nonprofits, it’s our goal to build quality homes and stronger communities in equal measure. Learn more about our efforts by exploring each of the avenues in which give; Team Member Giving, First Story, and Local Partners.