Game Day Party Tips From Hayden Homes

Football season is in full swing, which means your living room may soon become the most popular place on the block. But not all game day celebrations are created equal — it really depends on the host, and the house. Here, the Hayden Homes team shares a few tips on preparing your home for game day:

1. Seating – Hosting a gathering means that you will need to offer a variety of seating at varying heights to provide guests with a good view of the television. Estimate one person per available seat cushion, and then supplement with other seating options as needed. Floor pillows are a great, flexible solution for this.

2. Snacking – Put your kitchen island to good use by staging it like a banquet table, including varied heights to display a bounty of snacks. Make sure that you have plenty of ice-cold beverages available within view, since it feels like an imposition to open the fridge in a friend’s home. If relevant, take the time to wrap your silverware in napkins so that guests can easily grab and carry their utensils.

3. Sound – The volume of the game should be loud enough to appease fans, but moderate enough to allow for easy conversation. Most Hayden Homes come with a built-in speaker system, which to offers ideal sound consistency and master control options throughout the house. When possible, mute commercials to offer a break from the melee.

4. Supplies— The final element of a great football party is the décor, for which team colors and mascots provide easy inspiration. We recommend attaching decorations with Command Adhesive Strips to protect your walls from damage. If damage does occur, Paint Buddies from Rubbermaid are great for a quick touch-up or two.


With these tips, and a dash of creativity, your home will be the favorite venue this Football season and beyond. Tell us, how do you celebrate game day?

Fall Gardening Reminders from Hayden Homes

One of the most rewarding aspects of home ownership is having the space and freedom to cultivate a garden. With fall approaching, now is a great time to expend a little extra energy on yard maintenance to ensure plants stay healthy and vibrant as cooler temperatures set in.

Here, a few reminders from our landscaping contractors on caring for your garden this fall:

Plant: Planting trees and shrubs in the fall gives new roots a chance to settle over the winter, prompting lush growth in the spring.

Thin: To encourage continuous blooming, deadhead your flowering plants to remove spent blossoms. This will provide you with additional stem growth and larger, more abundant blooms.

Trim: For leggy plants, don’t hesitate to cut off the stems and flowers since the process fosters new stem growth. Simply find the location on the stem where leaves emerge and cut back to this point.

Nourish:  A little fertilizer never hurts, especially when planting or transplanting bushes and plants. Be sure to mix any nourishing soil you purchase with your native soil.

Prepare: Choose your spring-blooming bulbs now and begin planting them in groups for the best visual appeal. Be sure the area you select has adequate drainage, and consider laying wire mesh or screening over beds to keep critters from digging up bulbs.