It’s rewarding
to have friends.


Refer your friends by registering them below and when they buy a new Hayden Home, you’ll both get $500!



Please complete the following information and start earning rewards today!

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To earn rewards for referrals, you need to complete the Hayden Homes “Friends and Family” referral form online. To complete the “Friends and Family” referral form, please provide your name, a valid email address, phone number, current mailing address AND your friend or family member’s name, email address and phone number. If you know where they are looking to buy a home or have any additional information, that’s always helpful.

Please note that the ‘Friends and Family’ Referral Program is subject to the terms below, and the terms listed here supersede any verbal or written communication regarding instructions of the program.


  1. To be eligible, the Referrer is required to fill out the online referral form ON or PRIOR to their friend/family member’s INITIAL VISIT to a Hayden Homes community. Gift cards will NOT be granted for referrals submitted after the friend/family member’s initial visit.
  2. The Referee must acknowledge they were referred by the Referrer at the time a purchase contract is written. The name of the Referrer must be included in the “Referred by” section on the purchase contract.
  3. The Referee will receive $500 as a discount off available features.  This discount will be applied when the purchase contract is written and signed and will be deducted from the total cost of available features ONLY. It may NOT be applied to closing costs or the purchase price of the home.
  4. If eligible, the Referee may use their ‘Friends and Family’ reward in conjunction with other “special offers” at the discretion of the Regional Sales Manager.
  5. Gift cards will be delivered to the Referrer the month following the successful close of escrow of the Referees’ new Hayden Home. Gift cards will not arrive till after the 20th of that month. If the home does not close, no gift card will be granted.
  6. For each new Hayden Home purchased and closed, one gift card will be awarded to the Referrer.  Referrers may receive more than one gift card when multiple Referees have purchased and closed a new Hayden Home.
  7. The Referrer will receive one VISA Gift Card which will hold its value for 12 months, before gradually decreasing in value in keeping with VISA Gift Card protocol.
  8. The Friends and Family program is only applicable to 2nd party referrals. You cannot refer yourself or another member of your own household.
  9. Hayden Homes reserves the right to retract this offer at any time should any information provided by either party prove to be false or misleading. This program is at the sole discretion of Hayden Homes and may be eliminated or changed without notice.
  10. There is a maximum of one gift card per referral on any one transaction. If there are multiple referrers (more than one person referring the same referee) only one gift card will be granted. This will be determined by which online form was received first, who is listed as the Referrer on the purchase contract and/or information from the referee stating who referred them first. Referrals will be valid for one full year from the date of submission.
  11. Realtors receiving a commission on the sale of a Hayden Home will not be eligible to receive a Friends & Family referral gift card.
  12. Referral gift cards apply to new contracts written after the Friends and Family program start date of September 1, 2008. These program guidelines were last updated on May 23rd, 2017. If you are revisiting this page, please review all the above guidelines for the latest details.