How to Incorporate Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year Into Your Home

Using color in your interior décor is a great way to try out new trends. This year’s Pantone Colors of Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, are “A marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”  Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which is a bright yellow hue, are two … read more “How to Incorporate Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year Into Your Home”

Holiday Staging Tips and Ticks

 We are thrilled to present some simple holiday staging tips and tricks to help you make the most of your space, when setting up for the holiday. With Karie Bomstad, Owner and Stager at Staging Spaces and Design                 Tips For Decorating The Front Porch The front … read more “Holiday Staging Tips and Ticks”

Eat, Drink, Give & Support Local

We know the holiday shopping season looks different this year. We also know our local businesses and community members need our support.  They are an integral part of making our communities great, unique places to live. We hope our holiday guide helps you find meaningful ways to connect with local business and nonprofits, which in … read more “Eat, Drink, Give & Support Local”

How to Save for a New Home While Renting

Are you currently renting but dream of owning your own home? You’re not alone! There are a lot of benefits of owning your own home but it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out how to save. How do renters make the leap to home ownership? While the answer depends on each individual person, you … read more “How to Save for a New Home While Renting”

Discover the Benefits of Homeownership

For many, homeownership is the pinnacle of the American Dream. It’s a milestone we look forward too even with all of the responsibilities that are associated with owning your own home. However, there are plenty of benefits that come along with it! If you’re renting, or in the market for a new home and you’re … read more “Discover the Benefits of Homeownership”

From Dreams to Beams – Part 1: What’s True When Building New?

We are excited to present the first part from our series called, From Dreams to Beams, What’s True When Building New – where we discuss what’s true when building a new home and explain our new home building process. In this first part, of the series, we explain what to expect when build a new … read more “From Dreams to Beams – Part 1: What’s True When Building New?”

Engagement Strategies for Distance Learning

By Katy Turpen, EdD, Associate Professor ELED, George Fox University Dr. Katy Turpen is an Associate Professor in the Education Department at George Fox University.  She has been with George Fox for 12 years and currently sits as the director of the Elementary Education Degree Completion Program. Katy is passionate about education and preparing teachers and parents … read more “Engagement Strategies for Distance Learning”

Pacific Northwest Wildfire Resources

Our hearts are heavy seeing communities, homes, businesses, and lives lost from the devastating wildfires across Oregon, Washington and California.  Thank you to all the frontline hero’s – our firefighters, medical personnel, first responders and volunteers – for your bravery and service. We, like many of you, want to help however and wherever we can. We’ve … read more “Pacific Northwest Wildfire Resources”

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks while Distance Learning

It is important, even in a distance learning setting, to maintain a nutritious and well-balanced diet for your kiddo. We know it’s a challenge to prep and serve meals and snacks that keep kids energized and focused, without keeping you in the kitchen all day. Below are some tips and information to help get your … read more “Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks while Distance Learning”

How Much Money Do You Need to Buy a Home?

When you think about buying your first home, you’re probably already calculating how much of a down payment you’ll need to save based on the price of your desired home. However, those aren’t the only costs you need to consider when it comes to buying a house. The listing price and down payment are just … read more “How Much Money Do You Need to Buy a Home?”