Home Renovation Costs of Pre-Owned Homes

When you’re in the market to buy a home, deciding between buying brand new versus pre-owned or used is one of the first decisions to make. One thing that will influence your decision is the cost of renovation, which unavoidably come with a used home. Here are some common costs that you will likely face … read more “Home Renovation Costs of Pre-Owned Homes”


After nearly 8 months in the making, the 2nd annual, Hayden Homes $25,000 Dream Backyard Giveaway culminated this Month as Shane & Alex Hunter and their family were presented with the prize of a lifetime. The Hunters are residents of our Antler Ridge community in Boise, Idaho, and were surprised as the lucky winners among … read more “HAYDEN HOMES COMPLETES $25,000 DREAM BACKYARD”

Increasing Demand for Brand New Homes in the US

The demand for brand new homes in the United States is strong, and is getting stronger. To be sure, builder sentiment, which is measured by the National Association of Home Builders’ survey, is considered positive when the results are 50 points or above – the index currently sits at 68 points, signifying that homebuilders’ confidence … read more “Increasing Demand for Brand New Homes in the US”

Backyard Add-ons for Your New Home

The excitement of moving into your new dream home doesn’t stop with the home itself; a yard and backyard offer numerous opportunities for improving a home’s value, entertainment options, and aesthetic appeal. If you are the proud new owner of a new home by Hayden Homes, here are some great backyard add-on ideas– Fire Pit … read more “Backyard Add-ons for Your New Home”

Backyard Party Ideas for a Great Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day is not only a great way to celebrate the American labor movement and current workforce (and yourself!), but also a fitting way to observe the end of summer. As such, there are few things more enjoyable for Labor Day than hosting a backyard party, either with your own family, with extended family, or … read more “Backyard Party Ideas for a Great Labor Day Celebration”