Relocating? Here’s What You Should Consider

Relocating to a new city and buying a new home, can be a fun and exciting time, but it can also be somewhat stressful. Since there are a lot of people moving to the Pacific Northwest, and you may be one of them, you may be asking yourself, “what to consider when relocating”? Not only … read more “Relocating? Here’s What You Should Consider”

New Homes for Sale in Redmond, Oregon

Known for its “sunny high desert attitude,” Redmond, Oregon is a quaint town that sits between two national forests north of Bend. While Redmond may be small, in size, it’s big, in heart, and the city is starting to gain recognition for its culture and outdoor beauty. In fact, over a 10-year time period, the … read more “New Homes for Sale in Redmond, Oregon”

10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Buying a new home is exciting, in part because a new home often means a lot less time and money will be spent on home maintenance in comparison to an older home. But whether you’re in a brand new, never been lived in before, home or one that has been around for a while, all … read more “10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring”

Homebuyer Purchasing Power [Infographic]

If you’re asking yourself “how do interest rates impact my purchasing power”?  Even a 1% change in interest rates can affect how much your mortgage will be. To help answer this question for you, we’ve put together this simple infographic to show you! Buyer purchasing power is the driving force behind real estate pricing. Every … read more “Homebuyer Purchasing Power [Infographic]”

Importance of Energy Efficiency in New Homes

Why is energy efficiency important? Smarter/Energy Efficient homes aren’t just cool; they can also save homeowners hundreds of dollars in costs each year. In addition to cost savings and increased value, living in an energy-efficient home can also be more comfortable. In this blog we dive into what energy efficient features, according to recent studies, are most important to homebuyers.

Over Half of Homebuyers consider new homes : 3 TOP Reasons Why

A study titled “Consumer Housing Trends Report 2017” published by Zillow Group explored the ways that those living in America think about where they live, including how and where they buy and rent. We wanted to provide a summary of some of that data, focusing on what’s drawing homebuyers to new homes. Three of the … read more “Over Half of Homebuyers consider new homes : 3 TOP Reasons Why”

New Homes for Sale in Kennewick

Hayden Homes is pleased to announce brand new homes in the Kennewick and Tri-Cities areas. These homes are affordable, beautiful, and brand new. If you live in Tri-Cities or are thinking about moving to Kennewick, here’s a look at why our new homes are the right choice for you and your family. Why Buy a … read more “New Homes for Sale in Kennewick”

Asking Your Parents for Help with a Down Payment

Buying your first home is not an easy feat, especially if you’ve been scrimping and saving for a down payment and want the best possible mortgage rate. However, there are ways to get around having to come up with a 20 percent down payment, including, in some cases, taking out a higher interest loan in … read more “Asking Your Parents for Help with a Down Payment”

Congratulations Jerry Dalton! Hayden Homes MVR

We are proud to announce another incredible Real Estate partner who has been elevated to MVR status: Jerry Dalton! A little about Jerry Jerry started in Real Estate in the summer of 2006, right before the “great recession.” He has worked with first time homebuyers and investors alike, and loves helping his clients find the … read more “Congratulations Jerry Dalton! Hayden Homes MVR”

Is Buying a Home Still a Good Investment?

If you’re on the fence about buying a home, one thing that may sway your decision is learning more about whether or not buying a home is still considered to be a good investment and a sound financial move. While there are always varying opinions on this, with some arguing that homebuying is a great … read more “Is Buying a Home Still a Good Investment?”