About the Build Process

From the beginning, our focus at Hayden Homes has been on building quality homes and a strong community and we are thrilled you have selected us to share in this journey with you. As we begin this journey together, we want to ensure you know the major milestones that will occur throughout the process of building a new home. Thank you for joining us, we are here for you every step of the way. Begin with Color Selections Meeting video, and continue from there.




The pre-construction appointment is one of the first milestones of your build process and is the appointment we will explain in this short video.  This appointment will take place with your Community Manager and Project Manager at one of our model homes.

This appointment allows us to align expectations with you, prepare you for the construction process, and cover the most important construction details of your new home.

The content we will cover, may vary slightly, depending on the home plan you have selected, however, the major topics for this appointment include:

  • How we will communicate with you –
    • We will discuss what you can expect during the construction of your home. This includes regular progress updates from your Community Manager.
  • Review of the Site Plan –
    • We will review your site plan including how your home sits on your property in relation to your property lines and the street
  • Floorplan –
    • We will review your floor plan in detail
  • Color Selections –
    • We will review the colors and finishes you’ve selected for your new home.
  • Construction Schedule –
    • We will discuss the construction schedule of your home
    • Major Milestones –
      • We will provide an explanation of the major milestones that will occur while building your home – which include:
        • city plan review & approval
        • pre-drywall meeting
        • New Home Orientation
        • Closing and
        • Key Delivery
      • Safety Requirements –
        • Safety of our homeowners, team members and trade partners is very important to us. During this appointment, we will cover the safety requirements of our communities.
      • Seasonal Considerations –
        • We will discuss any relevant seasonal considerations and possible weather impacts on construction schedules

During this meeting we will take a tour of your homesite. Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes for walking around a homesite under construction.

Please bring any questions you may have to the meeting and we will be prepared to answer them for you.

Remember that your Community Manager will be your main point of contact during your entire building process.

In summary, the goal of the pre-construction appointment is to help you understand the entire process that we will go through together as we build your new home. Remember, safety is of the utmost importance to us and we want to remind you that you do need to be escorted by a team member while you are onsite, as it is an active construction site. Please give your Community Manager a 24-hour notice if you want to visit your home while it’s under construction and we will work with you to visit your home and answer any questions you have.

Thank you for trusting us to build your new home! We look forward to sharing in this journey with you.