Home Maintenance

Caring for your home, whether it’s new or not, is important. While your new home won’t need nearly as much maintenance as an older home, there are things that you should do throughout the year to help maintain your new home. Here is a resource to help you, throughout the year, to know what to do when. Your home maintenance resource center includes seasonal home maintenance checklists, how-to videos, and other tips and tricks to give you the tools you need to maintain an efficient and happy home!

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Two Easy Ways to Fix a Squeaky Door in Your Home

Hayden Homes How-to video

As your new home shifts and settles, one common occurrence is the hinges on your doors may begin to squeak. This can be frustrating when it happens every time you open and shut the door. In this video, Chris Hecker, provides two simple and effective ways that you can do anytime to help prevent or stop the doors in your home from squeaking! Watch the video to learn more.


How to Turn Your Sprinkler System On (De-winterizing)

Hayden Homes How-to video

Preparing your home’s landscaping during the spring, in preparation for the warm summer months is important for green-lush landscaping. In this video we show you how to turn your sprinkler system ON (de-winterizing) so you can get your Rain Bird irrigation system scheduled.


How to Change Your Fridge, Dishwasher and Stove’s Grease Filters

Hayden Homes How-to video

This simple “How To” video shows you how to check and change several important appliance filters located in your kitchen! Once a month, we recommend not only checking, but cleaning and/or changing your fridge filter, dishwasher filter and stove’s grease filter (located under your microwave). Watch this video for how to do all three.


How to Adjust Cabinet Door Hinges: Step-by-Step

Hayden Homes How-to video

In this short how-to video, you will be guided through a step-by-step process on how to adjust a 3-way hinge, to straighten out your cabinet door fronts (or face). Having a small amount of flex is natural, as our doors are an all-wood, natural product. With a 3-way hinge you are able to adjust the doors to put them back into proper alignment. On the hinge, one screw will change the depth, which moves the door in or out from the cabinet face; one screw will change the rack, which allows for a side-to-side adjustment; and one screw seats the hinge to the frame, that allows you to change the elevation of the door front. Watch this video to walk through how to make these adjustments.


How to wash windows: Removing slider for washing windows and cleaning tracks

Hayden Homes How-to video

In this quick 90 second video, we guide you through the process of removing slider windows to clean the window and tracks. Pro Tip: We recommend using Pledge to clean the tracks. In addition, we recommend that you avoid any petroleum based products, as they can stain the tracks and are more likely to collect dust.

Follow along the rest of the process to remove your slider window and re-install it once it’s clean.


How to set your Kwikset SmartKey in 30 seconds

Hayden Homes How-to video

As a Hayden Homeowner you can have the peace of mind that we will partner with brand products that are included in every new Hayden Home. Kwikset SmartKey is one of those products. In this short video, we guide you through a step-by-step process on how to set your SmartKey re-key technology in 30 seconds. To learn more about Kwikset and their products visit their website here.


How to change your home’s HVAC air filter

Hayden Homes How-to video

Changing your air filters is an important part of keeping your home happy and running efficiently. Energy Star suggests changing your HVAC furnace filter once a month, especially during the winter and summer months, when your HVAC unit is most commonly used. At a maximum, you should not let more than three months go by without swapping out the dirty one for a clean one. In this home maintenance how-to video we show you how to change your home’s HVAC air filter.


How to know when it’s time to change your home’s HVAC air filter

Hayden Homes How-to video

One question we get asked frequently is, “how do I know when it’s time to change my HVAC air filter?” In this video, we dive into the top two ways that you can tell if it’s time to change your home’s air filter, if not just the frequency of time. The two indicators could be sound and temperature. Watch our explanation in this short how-to video.


How to change your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

Hayden Homes How-to video

Regularly checking the batteries on your smoke detector is a must. Most of all for safety, but it’s also going to prevent you from having the annoying chirping sound coming from your smoke detector when the batter gets low. Here, we show you how to do this.
Most smoke detectors run on AC power with a batter back up. The battery on most model is located on the back of the smoke detector. So you’ll need to remove it from the ceiling to get access. To remove, typcially as simple as twisting it counter clockwise to remove it from the mount. Some models require you to un-plug the AC Power first. Then you can access and change out the battery. It’s as simple as that. We recommend you do test it every so often to make sure it’s still working and to change the battery, twice a year if needed.
Pro Tip: A good reminder of when to do this to do it when you set your clocks for Daylights Savings Time.



How to blow out your sprinkler system

Hayden Homes How-to video

Each fall when you start to see frost on the roofs and snow in the mountains, it’s time to blow out your sprinkler system. We recommend having this done around Halloween weekend, near the end of October. In this video, we walk you through the steps on how to blow out your sprinkler system in order to prepare your home for the coming winter months.
Pro Tip: We recommend reaching out to a professional landscaping company, near you, to complete this process to ensure you have the right tools