Fun at Home: Cold Weather Activities for Kids

This time of year your home is working overtime as a playground, an art studio, a movie theater, and more.

Make the most of your space when cold weather hits with these kid-friendly activities from the Hayden Homes team!

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Locate a roll of masking tape and turn your hallway into a hopscotch table, giant tic-tac-toe board, a racecar track, or even a (Nerf) basketball court! Be sure to remove anything breakable in case things get rowdy.


It’s called the Heart of the Home for a reason, so why not use your kitchen to bake something special during the snowy season? Kids love to measure, stir, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. For great ideas like no-bake peanut butter sushi rollups, visit our Pinterest board.


Turn up the thermostat, locate those swimming suits, throw a few toys in the bathtub, and voila – a playdate at the beach! For extra fun, play some Bob Marley and make yourself a Daiquiri as you watch your kiddos splash around. Note that supervision is essential while little ones are around water.

Bonus Room

The possibilities are endless, but a few of our favorites include creating an obstacle course with party streamers, hosting a teddy bear tea party, building a fort with pillows and blankets, and enjoying a game of badminton with balloons and paper plates.