Common Organization Mistakes that Make Your Home Look Messy

Do you wonder why your home still looks messy even after you spent time cleaning? Don’t worry; not only does this happen to a lot of people, it’s also easy to fix! Here are the most common organizing mistakes that actually make your home look messier than it is and how to fix them.

Confusing ‘clean’ with ‘organized’

The most common mistake is confusing clean with being organized. Oftentimes we clear off a surface and stack everything in a pile thinking we’re “organized.” But what we really did was make a new pile.

Piles are sneaky. They seem innocent but quickly grow to epic proportions. What started as a small neat pile of paper or mail on the kitchen counter quickly becomes a larger pile of every single sheet of paper in your home. Then maybe there’s a pile of clothes in the corner that is mostly clean, and don’t forget the pile of random things you still need to sort through. See what we mean?

Fix: Assign a ‘home’ for everything and be diligent in putting things away immediately instead of waiting for ‘later,’ which may never come.  

Attaching notes to the fridge

Our refrigerators can become the family message center, filled with art projects, party invitations, photos, or important notes. But eventually, it gets overwhelming! The fridge is the focal point of the kitchen so if it gets too cluttered, the entire kitchen will look cluttered!

Fix: Instead of attaching notes to your fridge door, use a separate magnetic or bulletin board to hold notes, artwork, and invitations. And just like your mail, when the invite has passed, remove it from the board.

Overstuffed shelves

Shelves and counters are great multitaskers; not only can you display decorative items, but they’re also a great storage option. However, filling them with stuff can make them looked cluttered, regardless of how neatly everything is placed.

Fix: Limit the number of items you place on a shelf or counter. If you are filling a bookcase, leave some space between items to give them room to breathe.

Shopping without a plan

Have you gotten bit by the organizing bug and then immediately rush out to buy all the baskets and bins, only for them to add to the clutter? You’re not alone! Unfortunately buying a bunch of organization products isn’t enough to get organized. Those products will help you stay organized but, you need to put in the work to get organized.

Fix: Start with decluttering and removing unneeded items first and then figure out what storage tools you’ll need for your remaining items. You may find that you already have what you need at home!

Skipping labels

Bins are a great way to efficiently store multiple items. However, it’s easy to start tossing anything that fits into the box or forget what’s in a specific container, forcing you to dig through several different bins to locate what you’re looking for (and not to mention the mess that’s been made in the process). Save yourself the frustration by using labels.

Fix: Take time to label each container so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. This will also make putting things away a breeze too.

Keep your new home looking great

These common organization tips are easy to fix to keep your new home looking great all the time.

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