Buying a Home in 2020? Here’s What You Need to Know

A couple in front of their first new homeWill 2020 finally be the year you buy your first home? After researching and saving, you’re finally ready to take your first steps into the homebuying process. Its always hard to know whether conditions are right, but its important to determine if the conditions are right for you. If you’re ready to make the jump to homeownership, here’s what to expect for the housing market in 2020.

Mortgage rates will remain stable

After mortgage rates steadily declined during 2019 (dropping below 4% for common loan types), mortgage rates are expected to below 4% but don’t expect to see them drop too much further.

Inventory will be tight…

Unfortunately, housing inventory will continue to be tight for much of 2020. There are a lot of factors contributing to the tight inventory, mainly people are staying in their homes for longer than in previous years (the average homeowner is staying in their homes 13 years, up from 8 years in 2010). With homeowners staying in their homes longer, there’s simply less homes available for sale.

New home builders have responded by building more mid-range homes, which may encourage move up buyers to enter the market, freeing up their homes for first-time buyers.

and home prices will rise

Thanks to tight inventory and high demand for homes, prices are expected to grow this year. How much? National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Forecast Summit predicts as 3.6% increase, Zillow predicts a 2.8%, and predicts a modest 0.8% rise. Needless to say, competition for available homes will be fierce.

Mid-sized markets will be popular

After moving to urban downtowns, younger generations have turned their eyes back to the suburbs. Mature Millennials, many with young families, have shifted their priorities and now looking for more affordable housing. Buyers are moving to mid-sized cities in search of improved quality of life and homes at a more affordable price point.

New Homes for Sale in the Northwest

If you’re ready to buy your dream home in the Pacific Northwest, we’re ready to help. We build attractive, friendly communities in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. We have homes for sale you’ll love, and want to be your homebuilder of choice. Contact us today to learn more.

Moving to Idaho from California Here’s What you Should Know

Moving to Boise from California what to knowMoving to a new state can be both exciting and a little unnerving. As you weigh your options of where to go and what life will hold for you next, Boise should be at the top of your list. Boise is not only a beautiful place to live that could lead to an improved quality of life. Here are some top reasons why a move to Idaho, especially the Boise area, from California may be the right choice for you.
The Cost of Living in Boise is Significantly Lower than in California
One of the top reasons that you may be thinking about saying goodbye to California and relocating to Boise is that the cost of living in Boise is significantly lower than the cost of living in California. In fact, California is on the list of the seven most expensive states in the country in which to live. And it’s not just housing that’s more expensive in California; food, gas, and taxes are also pricier in California.
Boise, on the other hand, is a much more affordable. While the average cost of living in Boise is slightly higher than the U.S. average, housing is still plenty affordable, and food and utilities are ranked as less expensive than U.S. averages. If you’re moving to Boise from California, the savings on housing alone can make a huge difference. If you sell your house in California and come to Boise, you may be able to pay cash for a brand new – never been lived in before – home by Hayden Homes.
Improved Quality of Life
While California is beautiful, it’s also extremely busy with people, cars, and often in the summer, polluted by smoke from wildfires and CO2 emissions from vehicles and industrial operations. When you move to Boise, you may be able to experience an improved quality of life. In Boise, you may be able to walk or bike to work, or go for a jog before your busy day starts because of the time you may save with less congested commuting. On your days off, you can get to the mountains or to a trail in a matter of minutes, enjoying fresh air, blue skies, and plenty of year-round sunshine. In Boise, there are dozens of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy, from mountain biking and indoor tennis to fine dining and live concerts. With less traffic to navigate, you’ll have more time to recreate, shop, dine, wine taste, spend time with family, and invest in your own health and well-being.
Idaho Ranks Among the Happiest and Best Places to Live/Retire
In several recent surveys, Idaho has been called out as a great place to live and/or retire. The state not only ranks among the happiest, but also one of the best places to retire. In a study conducted by WalletHub, they compared 50 states on multiple dimensions and Idaho ranked sixth in happy factor and first for community and environment (read article).  If that wasn’t enough to convince you, especially if you are ready to retire, in another study conducted by Forbes Boise ranked in the top 10 for best places to retire! With it’s low crime rates, high ranking in walkability, bicycling, and volunteering – it’s no wonder this is such a popular place in which to move.
Is it Time for a Move?
If you’ve been thinking about moving from California, now may be the perfect time. At Hayden Homes, we have homes for sale in Boise, as well as other cities located in the Treasure Valley such as Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa and Caldwell. To see our brand new homes for sale in the Northwest and learn more about buying your first home or moving into your dream home, get in touch with Hayden Homes today. We can’t wait to help you make your move a reality!

10 Reasons You Could Be Happier in a Smaller, Newer Home

10 Reasons You Could Be Happier in a Smaller, Newer HomeLarge homes can be fantastic, especially for growing families. At the same time, smaller, newer homes have benefits too, especially for older homebuyers who are ready to downsize, or first-time homebuyers who are looking for something modern and low maintenance. Here are 10 reasons why you may be happier in a smaller, newer home:
1. Smaller Homes Are Less Expensive to Buy
Perhaps one of the first reasons that buyers turn to smaller homes is that these homes are, on average, less expensive to buy than larger homes. A less expensive home typically means a lower down payment, a lower mortgage, and more financial flexibility.
2. Smaller Homes Are Less Expensive to Care for, Decorate, Etc.
Not only is a smaller home less expensive to buy, but it’s also less expensive to fill with furniture, decor, repair, paint, cool, heat etc. This means that the savings keep on giving, year after year.
3. Smaller (Newer!) Homes Mean Less Maintenance
Don’t want to spend years of your life on maintenance tasks, like fixing the leaking roof or replacing the floors? With a brand new home, you don’t have to. And besides, if you do want to engage in a renovation or repair project, a smaller home will be more manageable than a larger home.
4. Smaller Homes Mean Less Cleaning
No one wants to spend their free time cleaning, and with a smaller home, the amount of time that you spend dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming etc can be significantly reduced. Smaller homes are easier to keep clean.
5. Small Homes Are Greener
Whether you care about saving on your energy bill each month or want to be environmentally friendly, a smaller home can get you there. Smaller, newer homes are more energy efficient and reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint.
6. Smaller Homes Ask You to De-clutter Your Life
With a smaller home, there isn’t enough room for all of your clutter. Which means that you’re forced to get rid of those things that you truly no longer need. This can be both physically (you need the space!) and psychologically rewarding.
7. Smaller Homes Encourage More Family Interaction
Smaller homes have fewer rooms so family members are naturally spending more time together. This can help to foster strong familial ties and a sense of togetherness within the home.
8. Smaller Homes Can Help You Let Go of Material Possessions
When living in a smaller home, it’s difficult to have an overwhelming amount of material possessions, plain and simple. Realizing that your happiness is not derived from material items can lead to a higher quality of life as you turn your attention more toward friends, family and neighbors.
9. Smaller Homes Give You More Time
With a smaller and newer home, you’ll likely have more spare time. This is because there will be less maintenance and less pressure to work overtime to pay your high mortgage. This means that you’ll have more time to do the things you really love including hobbies.
10. Smaller Homes Provide You More Financial Flexibility
Finally, having a smaller home provides you with more financial freedom. Often times people will stretch themselves financially to get into the biggest possible house. When you don’t have to stress about mortgage payments – in addition to life’s other expenses – you’ll have more financial flexibility when it comes to taking a trip, making a purchase, or taking time off from your job.
Come See Our Brand New Homes Today
We know that the one size fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone. But if you’re interested in downsizing or buying a newer, smaller home in the Northwest, we have homes of all shapes and sizes that you’re sure to love. Come see our new homes in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon today. View our gallery of both large and small home plans HERE.

Moving to Yakima. What should I know? | Hayden Homes New Homes for Sale

Deciding to move is a big decision, especially if that move involves a brand new home and a brand new town. If you are moving to Yakima and wondering “what should I know?” At Hayden Homes, we understand that moving can be stressful, so we want to with you our favorite things about Yakima. Plus, when you work with us, we make the home-buying process exciting and fun, and provide peace of mind along the way. If you’re thinking about moving into a brand new home, our new homes for sale in Yakima should be at the top of your consideration list.

New Homes in Yakima
What’s so Great About Yakima?
Yakima is a great place for those who love the outdoors, want access to the things that a city has to offer, but also want to enjoy a small-town feel. Yakima has all of these offerings and more. Yakima is located just 60 miles from Mt. Rainier, maintains a population of under 100,000 people (but just barely), and is located in a region known for its wine, hop, and apple production. Favorite things to do in the area include visiting wineries (the region is often referred to as “wine country”), learning more about (and sampling) hops and beer, enjoying fresh produce (you can even pick your own), or doing a myriad of things outdoors, from biking to hiking to skiing to rafting and more.
Yakima Ridge by Hayden HomesYakima and Home Buying – Is Now a Good Time?
It’s not just about loving the new city in which you plan to live; it’s about knowing whether investing in real estate in that city is a smart idea. According to Zillow, the median home value in Yakima is currently just over $208,000*. What’s more, home values have gone up by 9.9 percent in the area over the past year, and Zillow predicts that they will rise another 4.1 percent over the course of the year. With values increasing, getting into the market now is recommended.
The Villas new homes in Yakima WAWhat Makes Hayden Homes Special?
Finally, after you’ve decided that your life is in the right stage to invest in your dream home and the market agrees that it’s a good time to buy, and you’ve found the perfect town in which to live, the next step is finding a trusted homebuilder you can count on. At Hayden Homes, there are multiple reasons to work with us and purchase your new home in Yakima. These include:
  • Our Hayden Homes commitment to quality;
  • Our warranty;
  • Our charitable work – you can feel good about working with us;
  • Our homes – you can count on energy-efficient homes outfitted with the best technology; and
  • Our home-buying process – we make home buying easy with great financing options.
Homes for Sale in Yakima WaLearn More About New Homes in Yakima Today from Hayden Homes
If you’re ready to learn more about new homes in Yakima today, we can help. Contact your new homebuilder at Hayden Homes today – whether you’re buying your first home or upgrading to the home of your dreams. Not only are we building in Yakima, but in communities throughout the Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Find out more about our homes for sale now!
* Hayden Homes new home communities in Yakima may have starting at pricing higher than the medium home value. To view our communities and home plans in the area, visit the Yakima City page HERE.

Best and Worst Time to Sell a House

Best Time to Put Your Home on the MarketIf you are thinking about selling your home in the Pacific Northwest, you should learn when the best or the worst time to list your home, in order to sell as quickly as possible and upgrade to a new home. According to a recent article in MarketWatch, listing your home at the wrong time could mean difficulty selling, and it could also mean that you are not taking advantage of the recent research on homebuyer trends. The article discusses a new study conducted by Zillow which argues that the best time to put your home on the market is the two-week period from May 1 through May 15. What else do you need to know about listing homes for sale and getting your property sold?

Listing Your Home During the First Half of May Could Mean a Quicker Sale and Higher Profit

According to the Zillow study, homeowners who list their properties for sale during the first two weeks of May this year are likely to see a couple of major benefits: these properties “sell on average two weeks faster and for $2,400 more.” In other words, timing impacts the time it takes to sell the home, as well as the profit on your investment. The Zillow study reached these calculations by analyzing home-buying trends in the 24 largest real estate markets in the country.

Why is Early May the Prime Time to List Your Home for Sale?

First, consider a first-time purchaser who wants to buy a property that is ready for move-in. As the study highlights, by May, many of those buyers may be in a position where they have already submitted multiple unsuccessful bids and want to move quickly on a property. In such situations, those potential buyers may be most likely to put in a high offer during the first two weeks of May and, in fact, may ultimately spend more than they wanted to as they engage in competition and/or rush to finish the deal before the summer begins.

Listing Over the Weekend for the Best Premiums and Fastest Sales

Many of these potential home buyers we mentioned above are eager to move on a property. Moreover, they want to move in before summer when kids are on vacation from school and moving prices climb. While a lot of people search for homes on websites like Zillow everyday, sellers should also think carefully about the day that is best to list the property. In addition to planning for a listing in early May, you may sell your home even faster and for a higher premium if you list over the weekend. More potential buyers are searching for homes on the weekends, and they are visiting more properties and open houses.

What happens if you fail to list your home during an ideal period and on a weekend? In short, you may learn that it will take longer for your home to sell and you may end up settling for less than your asking price. Online listings get 50 percent (or more) of all views during the first week the properties are on the market, and more than 75 percent of sellers who fail to find buyers within the first month of the property being on the market will end up taking an offer below the initial list price for the home.

Learn More About New Homes for Sale and How a New Home Builder Can Help

By listing your home for sale between May 1 and May 15, you increase your chances of selling your home quickly and for the highest price. If you are able to make enough money on the sale of your home, you may be able to afford your dream home. To learn more about buying your first home or working with a new home builder to move into a brand new – never been lived in – home, contact us today. We build new construction communities in Oregon, Idaho, Washington!

Importance of Energy Efficiency in New Homes

Potential homebuyers today are looking for a number of features in newly constructed homes, and energy efficiency is one of the most important. In fact, energy efficiency is so important that a Consumer Housing Trends Report conducted by Zillow shows that close to one in two buyers list energy efficiency as a desired home characteristic. What’s more, another study coming out of the U.K. found that homeowners in both the U.S. and the U.K. will pay more for a home that’s “smart,” which includes features like smart thermostats and solar panels, both of which save money through energy efficiency and help to protect the earth.


What Energy Efficient Features Are Most Important?

Some energy efficient house features are more important than others, with data showing that homebuyers are willing to shell out more cash for top-of-the-line energy-efficient technology and features such as:

  • Brand new energy-efficient appliances. A new home wouldn’t be complete without brand new appliances, and brand new appliances these days are designed to reduce the amount of energy necessary to operate them. Energy Star-certified appliances are a must in new homes. Every Hayden Home comes standard with Energy Star rated GE® appliances, including; a dishwasher, microwave and range.
  • Lighting and windows. Homebuyers are also looking for two other important, yet underrated, energy-efficient features: energy-efficient windows and LED lighting. LEDs can save hundreds of dollars, and last up to 20 years! We highly recommend you make the switch to LED’s if you’re able. High quality, energy-efficient windows are those that have a low-e rating and high U-factor. Each Hayden Home is built with Cascade® Energy Efficient white vinyl thermal pane windows.
  • Smart thermostats. Smart Thermostats seem to be all the rage these days. This is a thermostat that is not only programmable, but will also learn about homeowners’ habits and preferences, adjust the temperature on its own, and can be controlled remotely. This is something that a large percentage of homeowners are beginning to put in their homes and is an easy thing to add to a one’s home to improve a home’s energy efficiency.
  • Solar panels. Solar panels aren’t possible in all areas, but when they are, they’re popular. Solar panels offer homeowners huge energy savings, and significantly reduce costs related to things like heating and use of appliances and energy.

Energy Efficiency good for the planet
The Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

Why is energy efficiency important? Smarter/Energy Efficient homes aren’t just cool; they can also save homeowners hundreds of dollars in costs each year. In addition to cost savings and increased value, living in an energy-efficient home can also be more comfortable. As a note, the U.K. study cited above found that in addition to energy-efficient features, “smart” features like USB connections, super-fast broadband, and smart security systems were also things that homeowners were willing to pay more for. Those most likely to pay for smarter and energy-efficient feature are young people, although people across all generations have started to realize the benefits. Learn more about the Hayden Homes commitment to quality and energy efficient features HERE.


Hayden Homes Has You Covered

Our homebuilders know that homebuyers are looking for quality features and energy efficiency when looking for homes for sale in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Whether you’re buying your first home or are a homebuyer who’s looking to upgrade, we have dream homes throughout the Northwest that offer energy efficient features. Contact us today to learn more about our new homes for sale in Hayden Homes communities throughout the northwest.

Over Half of Homebuyers consider new homes : 3 TOP Reasons Why

A study titled “Consumer Housing Trends Report 2017” published by Zillow Group explored the ways that those living in America think about where they live, including how and where they buy and rent. We wanted to provide a summary of some of that data, focusing on what’s drawing homebuyers to new homes. Three of the biggest factors that influence new home buying include location, appealing features, and income.

Statistics and reasons behind homebuyers flocking to new homes
What We Know About Homeowners vs Homebuyers

First, a look into what we know about homeowners in America, including things like their reported ethnicity, marital status, income level, and more.

The Zillow report explains that the majority of homeowners are Caucasian (76 percent) and married (68 percent). The median income for the average homeowner is just over $62,000 a year.

Most homeowners purchase a new home as an investment, and some even view their home as a “reflection of who they are personally.” Nearly 90 percent of homeowners say that they have no plans to sell their home within the next three years. What’s more, nearly 50 percent live in the first home that they purchased.

As a note, the demographics of current homeowners and homebuyers are different. The report explains that the average homebuyer in America today is young and educated, and that the annual household income amongst homebuyers has increased to over $87,000.

Why buyers choose new homes

Things that Draw Homebuyers to New, Never-Before-Lived-In Homes

So, we know that homeowners want to invest in a home as part of their financial plan, and want to live in their home, but why do some people choose brand new homes over older homes?

When looking at homebuyers’ wants and needs, we’ve found some key takeaways. Some of the key wants and needs of homebuyers today include:

  • Air conditioning (which was rated as being more important than a yard or patio)
  • Safety
  • Ample parking
  • Great bathrooms (58 percent say that the preferred number of bathrooms is a requirement)
  • Location
  • Appealing kitchens (preferred finishes for countertops, flooring, etc.)
  • Energy efficient appliances

Location is one of the most important features in a home for a potential buyer, with things like proximity to work, friends and family, and a preferred school district making a big difference. As stated above, safety – which is dependent upon location – is also a big priority. Whether or not public transportation is in place is key, too, with almost 50 percent of buyers saying that proximity to public transportation matters to them.

A huge thing to note is that over half of homebuyers are considering new construction homes as opposed to older, already existing homes. 43 percent say that this is because of the desirable location of new construction homes, and 39 percent say that appealing features (like custom finishes and energy efficient appliances) make them want a new home. Those who make more money are more likely to buy a brand new home, with 65 percent of buyers who make over $100,000 per year considering brand new homes.

New Homes for Sale in the Northwest

New Homes for Sale in the Northwest

If you’re looking for your dream home in the Pacific Northwest, we’re building attractive, friendly communities in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. We have homes for sale you’ll love, and want to be your homebuilder of choice. If you’re buying your first home or looking for a new place to live, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Increasing Demand for Brand New Homes in the US

The demand for brand new homes in the United States is strong, and is getting stronger. To be sure, builder sentiment, which is measured by the National Association of Home Builders’ survey, is considered positive when the results are 50 points or above – the index currently sits at 68 points, signifying that homebuilders’ confidence has risen. The demand for brand new homes in the United States is strong, and is getting stronger. To be sure, builder sentiment, which is measured by the National Association of Home Builders’ survey, is considered positive when the results are 50 points or above – the index currently sits at 68 points, signifying that homebuilders’ confidence has risen.

Factors that Are Driving Homebuilder Sentiment and Housing Demand
One of the factors that may be positively affecting homebuilder confidence has to do with deregulations – and promises of deregulation – thanks to the current Administration. CNBC reports that builders experienced a major win in terms of regulations dealing with building and obtaining water permits, and that builders are looking forward to the future.

Of course, another thing that is driving homebuilder confidence is the fact that there is rising demand in the new-home market. The new demand in the new-home market – with a large increase in individuals and families desiring never-before-lived-in-abodes – is likely thanks to the strong job market and current economic state (GDP growth), the fact that mortgage rates continue to remain low, and the fact that confidence is growing amongst homebuyers.

Move Into Your Dream Home TodayNew-Homes Meridian, Idaho

Here are some of the reasons that the demand for brand new homes is currently on the rise, and why now may be the ideal time for you to start building, too:

  • Mortgage interest rates are low. Buying a home when interest rates are high means that over time, you will end up paying more back on your loan than you would have had you bought when interest rates were low. For a 30-year fixed loan, reports that the interest rate for September is just 3.95 percent, a dip from July 2017 when the rate was 4.13 percent.
  • Home prices are reasonable. Another reason to think about buying brand new today is that prices, while not at the lowest they have ever been, are very reasonable. However, home prices are currently on the rise, so if you’re thinking about buying new, doing so now before prices surge out of your reach is recommended.
  • Buying a home is a smart investment. Of all of the types of investments out there, buying a home is one of the best you can pursue, and one of the least risky. Investing in real estate is one of the very best ways that you can ensure your financial future. Furthermore, you already know that investing takes time – houses (and other investment types) don’t increase in value overnight. If you wait too long, you may look back to now and regret that you didn’t act when you had the opportunity to.

Other factors you should consider include the costs of renting vs. owning, your current budget, where you want to live and demand in that area, your debt-to-income ratio, how much cash you have available for a down payment (and how this may affect your interest rate), and your credit score (which will also have an effect on your interest rate).

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality With Hayden Homes
Nothing beats buying and living in a brand new home that you can call your own. With homebuilder confidence and new home demand rising, now may be the perfect time to buy the home of your dreams. At Hayden Homes, we help buyers find their dream homes in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, and our new homes are ready to move into today! To learn more about buying one of our high quality, affordable homes, contact us to find out how we can help. We look forward to working with you.

What Experts Are Saying About the Housing Market in 2017

What Experts are saying about the housing marketing 2017

Whether you are a homeowner thinking about selling, or a prospective buyer on the market, knowing what’s in store for the housing market over the course of the year can help you make smart financial decisions. Based on opinions published in Forbes and, here’s some information about what the experts are saying about the housing market in 2017.

Housing Prices Expected to Increase

The good news for those who are thinking about selling their home this year is this: 2017 may be the year to get the most bang for your buck. That’s because home prices are predicted to continue rising steadily through 2017, with a 3.2 percent increase in median home value expected.

Getting a Loan Might Be Easier

Remember the pre-housing crisis of 2008? Prior to this, getting a loan on a home was easy – even if you had bad credit you were much more likely to be approved compared to today. Since the crisis, banks have cleaned up the way they do things (thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act, signed by former President Obama in 2010), and getting a mortgage requires proving financial stability. But because President Trump has vowed to roll back regulations under the act as much as possible, banks may have more leniency when it comes to when, and to whom, they give out loans. This means that getting a loan could be easier in 2017.

Competition Will Grow

If you are set on buying a home in 2017, you may want to put in an offer on the first great house you come across without delay. That’s because competition for homes is supposed to be even more heated in 2017 than it was in 2016. In fact, since data started being collected in 2009, 2016 was the fastest year ever in terms of how quickly homes listed for sale sold – the average home was only on the market for 52 days. In 2017, things are supposed to move even quicker.

Potential for First Time Buyers

Even though competition is growing and prices are increasing, there’s a lot of potential for first time home buyers in 2017. Many buyers who have been thinking about buying for a long time may be pushed off the fence due to fears about home prices rising any more, questions about political uncertainty and policy changes. However, given the low unemployment rate, steady job market, and favorable interest rates in 2017, it’s a good year to buy your first home! Many of these first-time homebuyers will be millennials, who are beginning to dominate the home-buying and rental markets.

Let Hayden Homes Help You

If you’re thinking about buying a new home, our team at Hayden Homes wants to help you make the right decision for you at whatever stage in life. We make homebuying easy by offering a wide variety of beautiful, smartly designed new homes. We’re confident we have the new home you’re looking for, with the latest and greatest in technology, energy efficiency and, of course, financing options with credit approval. To learn more about what you can afford and where our new homes are located, in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, get in touch with us today!