Backyard Ideas and Outdoor Living Spaces for Your New Home


The excitement of moving into your new dream home doesn’t stop with the home itself; a yard and backyard offer numerous opportunities for improving a home’s value, entertainment options, and aesthetic appeal. If you are the proud new owner of a new home by Hayden Homes, here are some great backyard add-on ideas–

Fire Pit

Do you love camping with the family, all sitting around the fire pit telling stories, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the heat offered on a chilly night outdoors? If so, you don’t have to escape to the mountains for the experience – you can add a fire pit right to your own backyard! A fire pit is not only a great way to encourage people to gather around and

connect, but also acts as a unique decorative piece, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the season!

Storage Shed

For all of your garden tools and outdoor entertainment needs, investing in a storage shed is recommended. A storage shed can be used to store your wheelbarrow, shovels, garden furniture, lawnmower, and more, and is a convenient way to ensure that everything is kept in tip-top condition and protected from the elements like UV Outdoor-Entertainment-Centerrays, rain and snow.

Sprinkler System

If you have planted grass or plants in your backyard– as have most Hayden Homes’ homeowners –installing a sprinkler system is one of the most effective ways to ensure that things stay green year- round. One piece of advice: if you aren’t experienced and knowledgeable in sprinkler installation yourself, contact a professional. Trying to install a sprinkler system is a skill-intensive task, and one that should be left to the experts especially if you have below average water pressure and want to be certain you have sufficient water coverage.


Is there anything better than vegetables from your own garden? Whether you love to cook, or just want to improve your health or your carbon footprint, creating a garden in your own backyard is a smart choice. Not only is a garden great for providing yummy veggies that are good for you, but gardening can be a fun family project that gets even the youngest of children involved. A garden is also useful and pretty to look at, adding beauty to your yard that you can be proud of. In addition, learning to grow and store crops is an important survival skill your family should know.

Deck or Patio

One of the best ways to add value to your home is to build a deck or patio in your backyard. However, more than just adding value (which may help you sell your home inLarge back yard with grass. the future), a deck or patio provides you with instant gratification, allowing you to take advantage of the outdoors in a manner that is comfortable. Whether you use your patio for entertaining, for family barbeques, or just for soaking up a few rays of sunshine while you read the paper, few things beat the ability to sit outdoors in comfort and style.

A Child’s Playset or Playhouse

If you have little ones, adding a playset or playhouse to the backyard may provide hours of entertainment, exploration, and adventure. Have you been looking for a fun, do-it-yourself project? Constructing your own playhouse can give you and the kids something to do together, may be a less expensive option than buying a pre-constructed version, and can be a very rewarding project to complete.


What’s more romantic than a gazebo? More than beautiful and unique alone, though, gazebos provide shelter from bad weather, can double as a play area for little ones, act as the perfect setting for any events you may host over the years, can increase your property value, and add a little backyard privacy.

Backyard Sanctuary

A backyard sanctuary is essentially a part of the backyard that can be used for peace and quiet, meditation or relaxation. This could be a meditation or Zen garden, or something with a water feature, such as a bubbling fountain or brook, or a built-in pond. Like many other backyard add-ons, backyard sanctuaries can improve a home’s value and a yard’s aesthetic appeal, but also provide you with a quiet place of your own to gather your thoughts.

An Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to entertain, and if you love–or would love–to entertain outside, a full outdoor kitchen is a must. An outdoor kitchen is an ideal addition for those who really want to add some oomph to the backyard, and should include a full outdoor sink, grill, and bar.

Turn Your Backyard Dreams Into Reality

Backyard add-ons are a great way to improve your family’s comfort, and even potentially increase your home’s worth. For more backyard add-on ideas, or to find the perfect new home for you in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, contact Hayden Homes today.

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New Arrival on the Way? Tips for Baby-proofing Your Home

If you are about to welcome a new baby into your home, you’ve probably done your fair share of reading on sleep schedules, breastfeeding, New Arrival on the way, tips for baby-proofing your new hometeething, when to expect what, and more. Have you thought about baby-proofing your home? Little ones love to explore and need a safe environment. So here are some tips to help you prepare for your precious little one’s arrival.

Secure Furniture that Could Topple

One of the biggest risks to little ones is furniture that has the potential to topple. As your baby learns to crawl, they will no doubt reach for just about anything that they can for support. TV stands, ironing boards, and bookshelves are some of the many items that your baby may try to grab onto. If these items aren’t sturdy and stable, they may be at risk of toppling. You can use furniture straps to make sure that everything is in place, and pay attention to how things are stacked.

Use Outlet Plugs

Children love to poke and pry around, and unfortunately, this sense of curiosity can sometimes be dangerous. Use outlet plugs for outlets that are close to ground level to prevent babies from sticking their fingers or objects into them, which could lead to shock and injuries.

Falling Hazards

WebMD reminds parents that babies learn to roll over, pull themselves up, and move around faster than expected. As your baby becomes more mobile, watch out for fall hazards. If a baby is not strapped into their highchair or shopping cart, for example, and tries to stand, they may topple out. Or, a child that is atop a table for a changing could roll off. Remember to always keep an eye on your child when they are above ground, and use precautions to prevent falls, such as staying nearby at all times and avoiding distractions such as cell phones.

Limit Access to Stairs, Low Cupboards, Pinch Points

As your child learns about their world, they will use their hands and body to explore anything in their immediate surroundings. Most of the time, this is good, but it does have the potential to be dangerous. Limiting access to stairs, cupboards, pinch points by using baby gates and child safety cabinet and door locks can be a good idea.

Toilet Safety

It sounds gross, but small children are absolutely fascinated by toilets – not to mention toilet paper! If they’re able to pull themselves up, they may very well be tempted to splish and splash in the potty, exposing them to germs or other hazards. The best way to prevent this is to know where your little one is at all times, or get in the habit of closing the bathroom door when not in use. There are even toilet locks you can use if it becomes a recurring problem.

Choose the Right Home for You at Any stage in Life

Anyone who has raised kids knows that kids need (safe) space. If you are looking to expand, you may need more space. At Hayden Homes, we offer a variety of modern, spacious new home plans to choose from. Contact us today and come tour one of our model homes in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho to find out what’s right for you.

Indoor Plants to Spruce up Your Home

Open space with house plantsWhile growing plants in your yard is great, allowing for greenery, shade, beautiful flowers, and yummy vegetables and herbs, not all plants can grow year-round in the northwest. What’s more, having plants inside your house has multiple benefits as well, including reducing the levels of certain pollutants and reducing stress levels.

If you love the idea of plants inside your home as a new home buyer, here is a list of some great houseplants that are both pretty to look at and easy to grow.


There are dozens of different types of succulents, the vast majority of which are easy to keep indoors (and keep alive) because they don’t require much. Succulents are best grown in an area with sunlight, so consider keeping yours near the window. Some of the top succulents that can spruce up your home include:

  • Agave;
  • Aloe;
  • Crassula;
  • Echeveria; and
  • Sedum.


One of the easiest plants to grow indoors is pothos, as it does well at room temperature and can thrive in different lighting situations. The Pothos plant has some other cool benefits too, such as the fact that it has an ability to purify and strip toxins from the air.

Spider Plant inside the homeSpider Plants

Just like pothos, spider plants can do well in a variety of different lighting conditions. It is important to make sure indoor temperatures stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep this plant alive – other than that, they don’t require a lot of care. Spider plants have an interesting look, and work as an instant decorating piece.


Philodendrons are standard indoor house plants, thriving year-round without too much effort. If you want to move this plant outdoors when the weather isn’t too cold, philodendrons don’t get too stressed moving in and out. Sunlight for these plants should be bright, but indirect, and the plant only needs to be watered every few days or so (once the top layer of soil dries out, water again). These plants resemble pothos plants in both color and care.

African VioletAfrican Violets

All of the plant types listed above are leafy, but not flowery. If you want a flowering plant to add a little color to your home, consider the African violet. African violets bloom in deep purple, white, pink, and lavender, and bloom year-round. These plants like low, filtered sunlight and warmth. Water every few days, allowing the top layer of soil to dry before re-watering.

Peace Lily

Another flowering plant that is quite elegant is the peace lily. The flower is very low-maintenance, thriving in low-light and cooler temperatures (perfect for the northwest). This type of flower is one of the easiest to grow indoors throughout the year.

Add a Little Green to Your Life when Building Your Dream Home

Plants in the home are not only decorative, but they also provide a sense of calm and tranquility. If you’re thinking about adding plants to your new Hayden Home in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho, be sure to consider the ones above.