How Your New Home Can Support Your Healthy Habits

How Your New Home Can Support Your Healthy HabitsDid you know your new home can be your greatest ally in developing and maintaining healthy habits? Making a few key changes to your surroundings can make a big difference in your ability to keep these new habits. Here are some ideas on how to set up your new home so you can make (and keep) your new healthy habits.

Healthy habit: Improved nutrition

Setting up your kitchen for nutritional wins is easy. Get ahead of those snack cravings by placing the food you’d rather eat occasionally on higher shelves and healthier snack options at eye-level so you’re more likely to eat them. Organize your fridge and pantry so it’s easy to find the ingredients you need to cook with so you don’t need to rely on less nutritious options. Reorganize your kitchen and review your cooking utensils and tools, removing things you don’t need or use and replacing worn items. Cooking is more enjoyable when you have the tools you need.

Healthy habit: Exercise more

If your goal is to work out several times a week, make it easier by designating a space in your home for exercising. This can be a corner in the garage, a spare room, or even storing any equipment you need in an easily accessible area so it’s easy to grab and go. If you like to run or walk, keep sunscreen, hat, gloves, sunglass – anything you need, next to the door. Store your workout gear in one area in the closet so you can quickly find what you need. Baskets are great ways to store rolled yoga mats and resistance bands. Remove common barriers to working out by prepacking your gym bag or setting out your workout so they’re ready when you are.

Healthy habit: Focus on building relationships

Developing strong and positive relationships with family help us feel happier and more secure. But with work, school, and activities, connecting with each other daily can be difficult. Bring back family dinners at least a few nights a week, start a weekly family night for a movie, board game, or a special dinner out (or in), explore the outdoors together, or whatever activity your family enjoys doing together.

Healthy habit: Get more sleep

Do you constantly tell yourself tonight will be the night you’ll go to bed at a reasonable time only to find yourself scrolling away on your phone well into early morning hours? Getting enough sleep in the foundation for good health and having a bedroom that feels peaceful will help your mind and body shift into rest.

This start with decluttering your bedroom. Clutter is the enemy of a relaxed mind. If you’ve ever felt anxious in a cluttered room you’ll understand. it’s a visual reminder of all the things must be done! It’s difficult to relax when your mind is jumping from one place to the next. Remove items that belong somewhere else in the house, leaving only the necessities. This doesn’t mean you have to live in an empty room though! Add small touches of color and patterns add a visual interest and a few treasured pieces and photos that make you feel good when you see them.  Make you bed an inviting place with luxurious, comfortable bedding and a quality mattress so you’re excited to turn down every night.

Healthy habit: Have more down time

Our lives have gotten busier and it’s easy to forget to sit down and rest. Personal time is good for everyone but it can be difficult to find room in our schedules. That’s why it’s important to make a conscious effort to slow down and have more down time during the day. Encourage this habit by scheduling daily downtime (even if it’s only for a few minutes) and honor the appointment!

Creating a sanctuary space in your home is another great way to develop a habit of taking down time during the day. You can start by choosing an area in your home to serve as your sanctuary and create a calming atmosphere there with the tips we shared.

It takes a lot of work to build lifelong healthy habits but worth the effort. Use your home to your advantage by creating a supportive environment for achieving your goals.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Simple Ways to Make Your Home a SanctuaryOur homes have become a one-stop shop for everyday life. They have served as our offices, schools, and entertainment centers in addition to hosting regular tasks of eating, sleeping, and relaxing. With our homes serving multipurpose functions, it’s now more important than ever to have a calming space where you can slow down, relax, and let go. Here’s how you can turn your Hayden Home into a sanctuary.

Eliminate distracting clutter

The first step to creating a calming space is clearing distracting clutter. Clutter can increase your stress and anxiety. That’s why it’s difficult to truly relax when there’s toys and clothes scattered across the floor.  Spend some time going through each room in the house and put away anything that doesn’t belong in that room.

Bring the light and outside in

Filling your home with natural light and nature-inspired elements like flowers, greenery, or water features will instantly set your home for relaxation. Pull back the curtains and open the blinds during the day to let the sunshine fill your space. During the evening, using warmer toned lights will help put you at ease as you relax before bed.

Natural elements like flowers and plants are instant mood boosters. Filling your home with plants will put your mind at ease. If you’re worried about keeping them alive, you can experience the same feel-good vibes with artificial plants.

Use your senses

Tune into your sense of smell and touch to help you unwind after a long day. Essential oils like lavender, bergamot, and lemongrass are known for natural relief of stress and anxiety. Scented candles are another good option to use. Furnishing your home with soft and cozy pillows and blankets encourages relaxation.

Create a special space

Designate a specific space in your home solely for relaxation. Doing this will help create the habit of relaxing. Do your best to keep distractions, like your phone and household tasks out of this space. You want to only use this as a place for relaxation. Doing this every day, even if only for a few moments, will help your body to equate that space with relaxing so you’ll feel more at peace the second you step into that space.

Our homes are more than just a place to live; they should also be safe spaces where we can slow down, relax, and connect with ourselves and our loved ones. These simple tips will transform your home into a peaceful and comforting sanctuary you’ll feel good about and in – no matter what’s happening in the world outside your home.

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Discover the Benefits of Homeownership

DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF HOMEOWNERSHIPFor many, homeownership is the pinnacle of the American Dream. It’s a milestone we look forward too even with all of the responsibilities that are associated with owning your own home. However, there are plenty of benefits that come along with it! If you’re renting, or in the market for a new home and you’re wondering what are the benefits of homeownership, here are some of the benefits you can plan for when you own a home.

It’s generally a good investment

Owning a home has always been described as a savvy financial investment since it’s one of the main ways of accumulating wealth, as long as you purchase a home you can afford. As your property value increases over time, you set yourself to get a substantial return when its time to sell.

Build equity

Equity is what you can sell your home for minus what you owe. You own a little more of your home with each mortgage payment, decreasing the amount you owe and increasing your equity. There are two ways to build equity, usually at the same time:

  1. Reducing how much you owe and
  2. Increasing your home’s value, whether through home improvements or just waiting it out.

Enjoy tax benefits

Homeowners enjoy a number of tax breaks, most notably deducting mortgage interest and property tax payments (the latter if you itemize). You may also be able to deduct some closing cost expenses the first year you own your home. Another handy tax benefit comes when you sell: if your home has been your primary residence for more than two years, you’ll be exempt from capital gains taxes up to $250,000 ($500,000 if married filing jointly) when you sell.

Predictable housing costs

Unlike renters, home owners will know their monthly mortgage payments will stay relatively the same, especially if you have a fixed rate mortgage. You won’t have to worry about increasing rent potentially pricing you out of your home and neighborhood.

Create the home you want

Owning your own home means you can create the home you’ve always wanted. You can own pets without the costly pet rent or deposit, paint rooms whatever color you want, change the flooring or hardware, make updates. The possibilities are endless when you no longer have to get permission or change everything back when it’s time to move.


Living in a detached home gives you the privacy you don’t get in an apartment. No more dealing with thin walls and noisy neighbors stomping around above you.

For some, experiencing the feeling of accomplishment that comes with owning a home is the ultimate goal; to have a place to create new memories, enjoy celebrations, and share life with family and friends. Simply put, there’s no place like home!

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