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July 19, 2022

Tips to Prepare Kids for a Move

Tips to Prepare Kids for a Move

Changes can be tough for kids and moving is often a huge change. It can be difficult for kids to say goodbye to a  home, school, and neighborhood that they’ve grown comfortable in. So how can you prepare your children for a move? Here are some tips to help them cope with the transition and even look forward to it.

Discuss the move early and often

Although this conversation might be difficult, it would be helpful to let your kids know about the move as soon as possible. The earlier you break the news, the more time they have to emotionally prepare. Talk about why you’re moving, when (if you know), what’s changing, and what they can expect to happen. You can also explain the benefits this move will bring: maybe you’re moving closer to a favored family member, closer to a job, into a bigger home, etc.

After you have the big conversation, remind them about the move. Talk about it in an excited and casual way to normalize the move.

Let them be sad

Moving is bittersweet. While you’re looking forward to the new memories you’ll create in your new home, it can be sad leaving behind a home you’ve grown to love. This is the same for kids. Your kids may be upset by the news – and that’s fine! Let them be sad and help them work through their emotions. Acknowledge how their feeling and ask how the move makes them feel. You can even share how you’re feeling about the situation.

Let them be involved

Moving is often scary because kids don’t have control over the situation – after all, they didn’t choose to move. But getting them involved in the process may help them feel more comfortable with the situation. You can ask them about features they’d like in the new home or bring them along to view the final contenders. Allowing them to plan their new room is a great way to give them some control and get them excited for the future.

Make connections in advance

You don’t have to wait until you move to begin making connections. If you’re able, take the kids to visit the house and possibly see their new school. If you’re moving locally, you can show them how they can still visit their favorite places and attend the same activities. Moving a little further? Show them places that are similar to the ones in your current city.

Research clubs and activities available near your home and sign up for them in advance. Your kids may start making new friends faster if they’re able to jump into similar activities.

Let them say goodbye

Consider throwing a “See you later” party for your kids and their friends a few weeks before the big move. This will give your kids a chance to be with their friends before the move. Create a plan for your kids to stay in touch with their current friends through video calls, email, or visits.  However, it is important to create reasonable expectations during the process.

Pack their room last and unpack it first

Preserve some stability by packing their room last in the current home and unpacking it first in the new home. Experts agree that setting up kids’ rooms first will help them have something familiar to anchor them in an unfamiliar place.

Give it time

Changes as big as a move may release big feelings in your kids. Give them time to fully process their feelings and emotions while still maintaining positive and healthy limits. It is understandable to be upset about leaving their friends, but it is important to maintain a positive attitude about the move. Keep a close eye on your kids and consider reaching out to a counselor or therapist if you feel they need additional help managing this transition.

There’s no timeline for how long it’ll take for your kids to acclimate to their new home. Some kids take changes in stride while others take a little longer. Just know that they will eventually come around.

These thoughtful moving tips will help your kids look forward to moving into your family’s new Hayden home. Ready to make a move of your own? Hayden Homes is here to help. We build beautiful new homes in communities throughout Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Washington. We’re sure you’ll find the right home for your family.