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December 19, 2016

There's Nothing Like a Northwest Winter

New Homes In Oregon Washington IdahoWinter in the Northwest is a magical time of year. Unlike the East Coast where winter weather can be harsher, wetter and more dangerous, the winter months in the Northwest are just about right. It’s not too warm, and not too cold. Yet, we still have plenty of snow for all the best winter activities! This unique combination makes for an exciting, cozy and cheerful holiday season with friends and family. This means that participation in wintertime events, sports and activities is highly enjoyable.. And the best thing is that the culture of a Northwestern winter is a blast! There are myriads of entertaining activities and events to keep you and your family busy every spare moment.
Adventures await you
Living in the Northwest provides incredible adventures right at your fingertips. It’s a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast and, even if you’re not outdoorsy, who can pass up such breathtaking sights and experiences like this? Here are a few you should look into:

  • Snowshoe or hike to Crater Lake, Oregon: A camera on this trip is a must since the scenery is incredibly beautiful. This sleeping volcano was active 7,700 years ago, now a natural wonder you can enjoy.
  •  Go on a sledding day trip: Heading to the sledding hills and parks of Mt. Bachelor or Mt. Hood in Oregon or the Children’s Choice sledding hill in Mt. Spokane, Washington are excellent choices for enjoying the snow with your family. Follow it with hot cocoa and the day is complete!
  •  Take a short hike to Abiqua Falls, Oregon: This hike is just a short 1-mile distance and easy for small children. The reward at the end is one of Oregon’s most picturesque waterfalls.
  • Plan a ski trip: The skiing in the Northwest is out of this world. From Sweitzer Mountain in North Idaho to Timberline Lodge in Oregon or Crystal Mountain in Washington, there are dozens of incredible ski slopes for all ski levels.
  •  Enjoy a winter hike to Spirit Falls, Washington: This waterfall is famous for its turquoise blue waters. In the winter, these freezing falls offer an enchanting view as these icy blue waters churn below, which is also a popular spot for winter kayaking.
  •  Cut down a Christmas tree: Buying a $5 permit and finding your own tree to cut down in the Northwest National forest is an exciting experience for the whole family. Stick to the designated tree cutting areas or you may also consider finding a Christmas tree farm in your area.
  •  Cuddle by a fire and stay inside: There’s nothing more cozy on this planet the curling up by a fireplace on a cold, snowy night. Put on a movie, sip some hot cocoa or grab a good book—enjoying the peaceful evenings by a fireplace on a cold night is rejuvenating.
  •  Stay in a cabin: Renting a cabin in the winter is fun for the whole family. Emigrant Springs State Park in Oregon offers adorable, small cabins you can rent. Bring games, snacks and have a TV free weekend as you create your own fun.
  •  Or stay in a yurt: Reserving a yurt in Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon is another unique wintertime adventure. They are close to the coast and a fun way to see the winter coastal sights while sleeping somewhere other than a hotel.
  •  Go on a snowmobiling trip: Renting a Snowcat in Priest Lake, North Idaho is unlike anything you can imagine. The incredible beauty of the North Idaho mountains rushing by as you speed over the snowy hills is pure exhilaration.

Don’t just vacation here, build your home here
People come from all over the world to vacation in the Northwest USA, but why just vacation here when you can build or buy your dream home with Hayden Homes? We are dedicated to making your home buying and purchasing experience as smooth and as seamless as possible. Call us today and let us make your dreams of buying a new home in Oregon, Washington or Idaho.