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April 18, 2017

Spring Tips and Ideas for Your New Home

At Hayden Homes, we believe that in order for you to have a high-performing home, you need to maintain it. Spring-Tips-for-taking-Care-of-Your-New-HomeTo help you keep things in tip-top shape, here are some tips that our Central Oregon Customer Service Manager, recommends for new homeowners.
Clean Your Gutters
Gutter cleaning is a must. The easiest way to avoid major gutter problems and draining blockages is to clean out the gutters on a regular basis. Usually, you can do this by simply scraping out the gutters with your hands and a pair of gloves, or using a leaf blower to rid the gutters of debris. For more intense buildup, you may need to use a water hose or pressure washer. This should be done at least twice a year – once in early spring, in preparation for “April showers” and once in late fall, in preparation for winter. While working on your gutters, you may need to fasten them back up if they have become a little wobbly due to the weight of standing water, ice or debris. Gutters that aren’t properly fastened can sag and prevent proper drainage.
Remove Styrofoam Vent Block
The Styrofoam vent block helps to protect crawl spaces during the freezing winter months. In the pacific northwest, this is necessary for maintaining desired temperatures within your home (and lowering heating costs) and preventing pipes from freezing in extreme conditions. In the summertime, you should remove vent covers to allow air to move underneath your floor and help keep things cool. The added ventilation will also help keep your crawl space dry, which is especially important for new homes in the coastal regions of Oregon and Washington.
Service Your Air Conditioner
Even though your home is new, it is advised that you have an air conditioner professional tune up and service your heating and cooling system each year. Regular inspections and maintenance on your home A/C can help keep things like the condenser, coils, fan and other parts working well, saving you money and preventing the need for more serious repairs down the line.
Get Your Grass Growing
Spring is the time to get your grass growing, which starts with fertilization. While chemical fertilizers are popular, consider organic lawn care as an equally efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly way of getting things green. You can purchase organic fertilizers at most major stores, or even consider making your own! Spring is also the time to aerate your lawn – a service that you can hire a company for, or perform yourself using a few basic tools.
Check Your Sprinklers
Each spring, you should check your sprinkler system and make any necessary adjustments for the summer season. Keeping your lawn healthy does require some diligence, especially in drier climates like western Idaho, Eastern Oregon and Washington, which is why you should continue inspecting and adjusting your sprinklers every month to ensure optimal performance. The first time you turn on your sprinklers in the spring, however, is the most important. If you blew out your sprinklers in the fall, then you shouldn’t encounter any issues in the spring. But, you’ll want to check your lawn for pooling water, muddy areas near sprinkler heads or areas where the grass doesn’t appear wet at all. Any of these could indicate a problem with a sprinkler head or a leak in the system.
Drain Your Water Heater
It is recommended that you drain your water heater once per year. The reason for draining your water heater annually, is to make sure that sediments and minerals are removed, which can build up over time and cause long-term problems. Draining is a very easy thing to do, involving turning off the water heater, letting the water cool, and attaching a hose to the drain valve. Make sure you read your water heater’s instructions or contact a professional before draining.
In addition to these new home maintenance tips, do not forget about inside spring cleaning, too! Spring is a great time to get rid of things you no longer use or need and get organized!
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