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December 29, 2016

Spokane Fantasy Flight Giving as you Go

Spokane Fantasy FlightSpokane Fantasy Flight
When it comes to making Christmas magical for deserving children, nothing can compare with the dedication of Spokane Fantasy Flight hosted by Northwest North Pole Adventures. Each year they are making Christmas magical for local kids who need it most.
A Trip to the North Pole
You read that right. Spokane Fantasy Flights takes children on a magical trip to the North Pole to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. They work with the areas social agencies to select and screen for children that are in desperate need of positive Christmas memories. Imagine if you woke up on Christmas morning and it being like any other day. No special breakfast, no decorations and no presents under the tree. The parents or guardians of these children are doing everything they can just to put food on the table, and that leaves little room for presents. That is where Northwest North Pole Adventures comes in. Once 60 local children have been selected for the Spokane Fantasy Flight, the magic begins. Each child is paired up with their very own elf. The elf is there to act as a chaperon and help them throughout the event.
The Flight
The children and their elf arrive at the Spokane International Airport, where they are greeted by more elves. High fives fill the air as wonder struck children get special passports to ensure they are on the special North Pole flight. Once the boarding call comes, the children and elves board a plane provided by Alaskan Airlines. When the airplane takes off, the kids are fed a meal, and each one gets a new sweatshirts and a bag full of goodies. The bags contain pens and pencils, coloring and activity books, flashlights, mittens, socks, glow-sticks, and other fun things. The flight is all about fun. Sometimes the lights are off and flashlights and glow-sticks shine throughout the airplane. Other times the lights are on and the elves play games with the kids. After a half hour to an hour, the plane touches back down and pulls up to a special hanger at the Spokane International Airport where the red carpet is rolled out.
Meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus
Lining the red carpet are more elves, the children walk through giving hundreds of high-fives. A gate keeper produces a magical key and opens the gates to the North Pole. Once inside, the children play games, eat cookies and drink hot chocolate, pick out their own set of new pajamas, and Mrs. Claus reads them a special story. The kids get to see and pet a real reindeer. Each child even gets to meet Santa Claus where they are given their very own big bag containing the toys they were hoping to get. Inside the toy bags could be bikes, dollhouses, scooters, remote-controlled cars, you name it. When the party is done, the children say their goodbyes to their elf friends. A magical transporter brings them back to the real world at the Spokane International Airport, and the kid’s board limousines. Their toys have already been transported back to their homes by volunteers driving moving vans.
Changing Lives
In a world filled with hardships, Spokane Fantasy Flights is giving children lasting Christmas memories filled with magic and wonder. With Spokane Fantasy Flights, hearts are being touched, and smiles are brought to the children who need it most. It is moment like these and the opportunities to touch the lives of those who reside in the communities in which we build. To learn more about Spokane Fantasy Flight and how they are extending the generosity of the holidays to children in need, visit their website at
Give as you Go with Hayden Homes
When it comes to building better communities, it is our philosophy to Give as you Go. That is why we believe in highlighting events and organizations, like the Spokane Fantasy Flight, that continually focus on giving to those in need… and why we founded First Story which helps deserving individuals and families in need achieve the dream of home ownership. Each time you build a new home in Oregon, Washington or Idaho with Hayden Homes, we donate a portion of the sale price back to First Story.