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December 18, 2013

Neighbor Gifts: A Hayden Homes Guide

It’s not a new phenomenon – neighbors have been giving and receiving holiday gifts for as long as neighborhoods have existed.
But as the trend of “neighbor gifts” continues to grow, new Hayden Homeowners will surely want to be prepared this holiday season.
Here, a quick guide from Hayden homes to help you plan your neighborly giving this year!
Get Creative
By definition, these gifts are more about the gesture than the product – they are generally thoughtful, decadent, or handcrafted, but rarely expensive.
Begin by exploring a theme, a tradition or a specialty that you may want to represent for the year. This is the time to let your imagination run wild as you think of creative ways to spread your holiday cheer. Whether you decide to make something special, share a tradition, or keep spirits light, your personal style will certainly shine through.
Set a Strategy
Next, create a list of neighbors and other recipients so that you have a count of the number of gifts you will create. It may help to also define a budget so that you know how much you have to spend per recipient, since this will also help determine where you do your shopping.
Then, begin procuring items you will need — buy in bulk where you can, make double batches as often as possible, and form an assembly line to more quickly create and package your gifts.
Plan Ahead
Be sure to deliver your gifts a few days before Christmas to avoid missing your recipients due to Holiday travel. A frozen gift left on a porch for two weeks is never ideal. A little advanced timing also allows for a quick trip to the store if your receiver feels the urge to reciprocate, without making it obvious that their gift was an afterthought.
Finally, be as gracious as possible when giving to those who may not have the means to reciprocate. Toning down your gift, attributing it to a gesture for which your gift is a Thank You, or dropping it off personally so as to communicate that no return gift is expected, are wonderful options.
Best of luck getting started! Feel free to visit our Pinterest board for even more ideas, or share yours in the comments below, and happy holidays from Hayden Homes.