Indoor Plants to Spruce up Your New Home

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January 27, 2017

Indoor Plants to Spruce up Your Home

Open space with house plantsWhile growing plants in your yard is great, allowing for greenery, shade, beautiful flowers, and yummy vegetables and herbs, not all plants can grow year-round in the northwest. What’s more, having plants inside your house has multiple benefits as well, including reducing the levels of certain pollutants and reducing stress levels.
If you love the idea of plants inside your home as a new home buyer, here is a list of some great houseplants that are both pretty to look at and easy to grow.
There are dozens of different types of succulents, the vast majority of which are easy to keep indoors (and keep alive) because they don’t require much. Succulents are best grown in an area with sunlight, so consider keeping yours near the window. Some of the top succulents that can spruce up your home include:

  • Agave;
  • Aloe;
  • Crassula;
  • Echeveria; and
  • Sedum.

One of the easiest plants to grow indoors is pothos, as it does well at room temperature and can thrive in different lighting situations. The Pothos plant has some other cool benefits too, such as the fact that it has an ability to purify and strip toxins from the air.
Spider Plant inside the homeSpider Plants
Just like pothos, spider plants can do well in a variety of different lighting conditions. It is important to make sure indoor temperatures stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep this plant alive – other than that, they don’t require a lot of care. Spider plants have an interesting look, and work as an instant decorating piece.
Philodendrons are standard indoor house plants, thriving year-round without too much effort. If you want to move this plant outdoors when the weather isn’t too cold, philodendrons don’t get too stressed moving in and out. Sunlight for these plants should be bright, but indirect, and the plant only needs to be watered every few days or so (once the top layer of soil dries out, water again). These plants resemble pothos plants in both color and care.
African VioletAfrican Violets
All of the plant types listed above are leafy, but not flowery. If you want a flowering plant to add a little color to your home, consider the African violet. African violets bloom in deep purple, white, pink, and lavender, and bloom year-round. These plants like low, filtered sunlight and warmth. Water every few days, allowing the top layer of soil to dry before re-watering.
Peace Lily
Another flowering plant that is quite elegant is the peace lily. The flower is very low-maintenance, thriving in low-light and cooler temperatures (perfect for the northwest). This type of flower is one of the easiest to grow indoors throughout the year.
Add a Little Green to Your Life when Building Your Dream Home
Plants in the home are not only decorative, but they also provide a sense of calm and tranquility. If you’re thinking about adding plants to your new Hayden Home in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho, be sure to consider the ones above.