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February 28, 2023

How to Create a Command Center for Your Family

Creating a family command center can be an invaluable tool in managing the day-to-day activities of your family. With so many tasks, appointments, and errands to juggle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. By creating a central hub for all your family communication needs, you’ll have an organized way to keep track of everyone’s needs and responsibilities.

Step 1: Choose a Location

The location of your command center is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The best location for a command center is somewhere easily accessible for everyone in the family. Your kitchen or mudroom might work well due to its central location. Consider placing it in a location closest to your “drop zone” — the area where everything gets dropped off after entering. You also want to make sure there is enough room for all of the supplies you plan on including in the center.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Once you’ve chosen your location, it’s time to start gathering the necessary supplies for your new command center. Whiteboards are great for jotting down messages or reminders that everyone in the family can see easily while bulletin boards and markers are great for posting photos or artwork from each individual family member. Label makers give you more control over labeling items with precision and accuracy while technology tools like calendars or apps provide quick access to schedule changes when needed.

Step 3: Create a Schedule

Creating a visible schedule is key when setting up a family command center. Start by having each family member identify their weekly commitments—things like soccer practice or piano lessons—then write them down on the calendar using colors that correspond to each person’s activity (one color per person). This way you can easily see what everyone has going on without needing to ask them every time!  Any changes like last-minute activities should also be written down and pinned onto the board accordingly as soon as they arise in order to keep everyone updated on changing plans. 

Step 4: Use Technology Strategically

In today’s digital age, many families use technology tools such as shared calendars or apps for managing their daily activities. These tools can be beneficial if used correctly but can quickly create overwhelming clutter when abused or overused. Consider limiting technology use within the command center by choosing one specific app or software that suits your individual needs best then be sure all members understand how it works before allowing them access.

Additionally, think about how often you’d like this program synced: daily? Weekly? Biweekly? Answering this question will enable you to stay organized while avoiding unnecessary notifications that could increase distraction levels throughout the day instead of helping manage it better! 

Step 5: Add Personal Touches

To make sure that your command center feels more personalized take a few minutes and add some touches that reflect those in your household such as photos or artwork that represent each member of the family. This creates an atmosphere of comfort while also adding color to what would otherwise just be empty white walls staring back at all who walk in.

A well-crafted command center seamlessly combines organization, function, and style into an efficient space for managing day-to-day tasks. This system may seem daunting at first but once put into practice should become second nature as daily routines become embedded into everyone’s routine eventually making things move smoother and easier than ever before.

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