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November 20, 2013

Hosting Thanksgiving: A Hayden Homes Guide

There are few gatherings more involved than hosting a Thanksgiving dinner – guests look forward to an elaborate display of seasonal favorites, which are neither easy nor quick to prepare.  But with every challenge comes reward, and with these tips from the Hayden Homes team, Thanksgiving in your new home is sure to be successful!
Set the Stage
When setting up, you will need to decide beforehand if everyone will sit down together at once or eat casually on the go. Either way, it’s ideal to have a separate kids’ table and a large dining table reserved for guests to gather, eat and socialize.
Consider also having stations set up for appetizers, beverages, and desserts so that guests are properly hydrated and nourished but also have room to roam throughout the day.
Schedule Some Fun
It is customary to leave a television on to feature a parade or football game as guests wait for the meal to be served, but there are many other ways to keep everyone occupied. Start by arranging a craft station for kiddos in a quiet corner within view but away from the dangers of a bustling kitchen. After your meal, try hosting an after-dinner game of Charades or take a walk to a nearby park as a group.
Cleaning can also be part of the fun, since many hands can make for light work when washing dishes from such a large meal.
Give Thanks
Social Media is brimming with clever ways to help your guests share the things for which they feel thankful this year – try having your group write a quick note on a tablecloth or start a tradition of hanging a message of thanks from an ornamental tree. Or, a simple and plainspoken prayer before the meal can be just as touching when appropriate for the group.
Above all, remember that Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a white tablecloth-and-polished-silver event to be special. Small, thoughtful touches and simple, well-prepared food are all that guests need to feel the Thanksgiving spirit.