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November 11, 2016

Hometown Heroes: Honoring Veterans in the Northwest

It’s humbling to see our men and women in uniform serving this beautiful country. They sacrifice their lives for our freedoms, without any expectation for glory or accolades, doing it simply because they love our country. We love you. Truly, these servicemen and women demonstrate their deep sense of loyalty and patriotism by their actions to preserve and protect the land we call home.
The gratitude we feel for the men and women in the United States military, both past and present, who have fought and died for our freedoms is indescribable and unending. We can learn much from their examples of hard work and dedication. This Veteran’s Day, here are a few ways you can honor your hometown heroes:
Tell them
This seems obvious but it makes a tremendous difference when a civilian comes up to them and offers heartfelt gratitude to them. It makes the sacrifice all worth it when they see the appreciation in the faces they serve day in and day out. It might seem daunting to approach a stranger, but your words of thanks will make their week. Never pass up a moment to tell our heroes how much their service means to you.
Write them
Sending care packages and letters to the servicemen and women you know is a great way to buoy them up. What if you don’t know any military personnel? There are many non-profit websites that deliver letters and care packages to military members. One example is www.operationgratitude.com who delivers 5 letters in each care package. Organize your child’s school class and make this a fun project. Writing our troops will help the children see and understand how much of a difference their sacrifice means. It doesn’t take much time but your token of gratitude can brighten a dreary day in the life of a soldier. Make their day, write a letter!
Serve them
Nothing touches the hearts of our troops and veterans more than to receive heartfelt service directed toward them. When you notice an active duty military member or veteran at a restaurant, grocery store, gas station or wherever, offering to pay for their items or anonymously picking up their tab speaks volumes. A small monetary amount goes a long way in their hearts.
Show them
There are many ways to show that you appreciate our active soldiers and veterans. Hang a flag in your yard on Veterans Day. Lay flowers on the headstones of veterans who have died and served in our country. Post about it on social media. Your example and kind words can remind people just how much our military does for our country.
Listen to them
Many veterans have incredibly heroic and unique stories to tell. Their experiences can make a difference in your life. By listening to them, it also helps them feel appreciated. Veterans from past wars are part of our nation’s history. The stories from their battles are iconic strands that make up the fabric of America.
Hayden Homes appreciates our servicemen and women
We here at Hayden Homes strive to show our love and appreciation to our nations’ heroes by offering a Hometown Heroes discount to both active and veteran military members as well as nurses, firefighters, teachers, police officers and first responders. We are your trusted homebuilder through the Northwest and will offer a $1,000 heroes discount on the purchase of your new Hayden home. Call us today to learn more about this promotion or simply introduce yourself to the Hayden Homes family. We’d love to hear from you.