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September 4, 2013

Home Organizing: Tips for a Great School Year

It is Back-to-School week around the Northwest, and families are working overtime to stay organized. While it may be impossible to avoid the mayhem of that first week back, you can prepare your home for the rhythm of the school year with these four tips from the Hayden Homes team:
Entry way
Tools like the Family Bulletin Board are essential to keeping schedules aligned. We suggest one that is both large and easily updated, providing information for a full month. Color-coding is encouraged.
Busy lives require lots of stuff; coral it with a bank of Personal Lockers along one wall of your garage. From dirty football cleats to the class ferret, this is a perfect warehouse for all those things you need, yet would rather not invite into your home.
Living Room
Many of Hayden Homes come with an optional built-in Homework Desk, but any desk will do. Simply designate a level space for homework that faces away from the television and other distractions with a good-quality overhead light and a comfortable upright chair to foster concentration.
Win the war of after school snacking by purchasing two baskets – one for the fridge and one for the pantry – wherein you can place after-school snacks for kids of all ages. Children will enjoy feeling self-sufficient, the kitchen will remain relatively clean, and little appetites will remain unspoiled until dinner.