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May 25, 2016

Getting Organized

Do you have room, a closet, a garage or any other space in your home that you would love to have organized? Maybe it’s bothered you for a while but you haven’t had the time or desire to spend countless hours pulling, sorting, cleaning and organizing this space? Well, you’re not alone!
Spring is the perfect time to look at the rooms and spaces in your home and determine what needs to be organized. Or if that seems too overwhelming… and you don’t have the time, you may even want to hire a professional. Here we share the journey of one of our team members who decided to have a professional help organize her pantry, for the very first time, and the tips and tricks she learned from the organizer herself!

Here is a photo of her pantry BEFORE Karin Ferris, Professional Organizer in Central Oregon, came into her home and worked her magic.

Before Messy Pantry
Tip from the Professional – “First make the decision you want to get organized. Then take all of the stuff off the shelves and lay it all out.”

Here is all of the food in the pantry laid out on the counter.

Pull items to organize

Next, they cleaned up the pantry.

Empty Pantry Ready to be Organized
Tip from the Professional – “Make sure you have a place for the items you want to donate or toss. You’ll want to decide want you want to keep and what you want to toss.”
Then, begin to sort whatever it is you’re keeping into categories. This was the most interesting part of the process to see what categories they ended up with! Karin’s comment was that, “Every job is custom, due to the different categories you will end up with, it will change the labeling, size and type of containers you use for the various categories.”
Tip from the Professional – “When you’re organizing a pantry. Take your food items out of the box. If it’s possible the item might go stale- wrap it in a zip lock bag to keep it fresh or use clothespins (they make great sealing clips for bags). Taking items out of the boxes and packaging, as soon as you get home from the grocery store, will create MORE space and allow you to see the items better.”
Next, as you’re sorting and putting items into their categories, sort the items that you use most frequently and put them in a place where you have the most ease to access the various items. If it’s easy to use your newly organized space, it will help you stay organized in the long run.
Then, label your containers by category, put them back in the pantry and voila! You have a super organized space.

Here is her pantry AFTER the experience, nice and organized!

New Organized Pantry
You too can get organized. It’s easy, use these tips to help get the spaces in your home organized this spring!
A BIG Thank You to Karin Farris for organizing our team member’s pantry. If you live near Central Oregon and you want to experience a professional organizing your home or messy space, you can call or email her at: Karin Farris 503-505-0585