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September 19, 2013

Fall Gardening Reminders from Hayden Homes

One of the most rewarding aspects of home ownership is having the space and freedom to cultivate a garden. With fall approaching, now is a great time to expend a little extra energy on yard maintenance to ensure plants stay healthy and vibrant as cooler temperatures set in.
Here, a few reminders from our landscaping contractors on caring for your garden this fall:
Plant: Planting trees and shrubs in the fall gives new roots a chance to settle over the winter, prompting lush growth in the spring.
Thin: To encourage continuous blooming, deadhead your flowering plants to remove spent blossoms. This will provide you with additional stem growth and larger, more abundant blooms.
Trim: For leggy plants, don’t hesitate to cut off the stems and flowers since the process fosters new stem growth. Simply find the location on the stem where leaves emerge and cut back to this point.
Nourish:  A little fertilizer never hurts, especially when planting or transplanting bushes and plants. Be sure to mix any nourishing soil you purchase with your native soil.
Prepare: Choose your spring-blooming bulbs now and begin planting them in groups for the best visual appeal. Be sure the area you select has adequate drainage, and consider laying wire mesh or screening over beds to keep critters from digging up bulbs.