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March 28, 2023

Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Fall Back in Love with Your Home

A home is like any relationship; it takes regular effort to make it work. At first, everything’s exciting and new; you’re filled with optimism for a bright future together as you decorate your space. But after some time passes and the novelty wears off, restlessness can set in; all of a sudden little annoyances become more noticeable or unhappy comparisons start cropping up. This doesn’t have to be an alarm bell ringing though! Just because things are no longer thrilling doesn’t mean they aren’t worth preserving. There are simple ways to refresh your bond with your home without needing complete upheaval.

Encourage yourself to notice the beauty around you

Taking the time to appreciate the beauty around you can be incredibly rewarding. By noticing beauty in everyday objects and experiences, you can bring a sense of joy and wonder into your life that will carry over into your home. Try to take a few moments each day to sit in stillness and observe what is around you. This could mean looking out of a window at a tree blowing in the wind or observing someone else interact with their environment. When we take the time to slow down and appreciate even small details around us, we start to recognize how truly beautiful our world can be.

Make your space comfortably yours

Making your space feel like it belongs only to you is an important step in reviving your love for your home. Sure, you can fill it with all the latest trends from Pinterest but if it doesn’t reflect who you are then it won’t feel right or meaningful. You can make it uniquely yours by adding items that have special significance such as family heirlooms or photographs of friends and family members that have made an impact on your life. You don’t need expensive furniture or accessories; sometimes simple things like plants, candles, soft pillows, or bookshelves filled with books that mean something specific to you can be the difference in making your space comfortable and inviting for yourself and others.

Share the love by showing off your home

Often the reason we love our homes is because of the memories we have created in that space. Roll with that feeling by inviting friends and family over for dinner parties, game nights, or just to catch up. This will create fond memories in your home that will bring joyful feelings when reflecting back on the good time you had together.

Find a signature scent

Scent is a powerful sense. You know what we mean if you’ve ever been transported to a particular moment in time after getting a whiff of a specific smell. Take advantage of this by finding a scent you really love – whether it’s a candle, air freshener, or incense, and making it your home’s signature.

Remove anything you no longer love

Often, we will fill our homes with things that don’t serve a purpose or no longer fits our lives. If you hate looking at something, you’ll begin to equate negative emotions to the room or area the item is in. Instead of holding on to it for sentimental reasons, give yourself permission to remove items that no longer spark joy in your life. You can sell or give away the item to someone who will love it.

Falling out of love with your home is common but it doesn’t need to be the end. Through small gestures and creativity, you can turn your home back into one filled with joy. Whether you want to reignite the love you have for your current home or want a brand-new home, we can help! If you’re ready to say hello to a new home in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington contact us today. We build new construction homes for every stage in life and we’re sure you’ll find the right home for your family.