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February 1, 2011

Color Your World

Hayden Homes have just become lighter, brighter, and more inviting thanks to an explosion of exciting new shades, textures and accents now available to our buyers.
Color breaths life. It relaxes the mind and spirit. Color adds warmth. And when you add the natural tones of a hardwood floor and cabinetry, and rounded corners to your rooms, you create a positive peaceful atmosphere within the home.
It is the details that make a room special and ultimately your own. The right combination of fixtures, flooring and color can turn a bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Granite counter tops, stone mosaic backsplash and Natural Wood Cabinets with Crown Molding turn a kitchen into a welcoming gathering place. And rich inviting carpet, two-tone colors and trim, and the warmth of a stone fireplace are at the heart and soul of your home.
Quality and affordability is no longer defined by lack of choice or style. Elegant sophisticated features, and colorful options abound. Perhaps we have made
your job a little harder, because with this many choices, the possibilities are endless. We want you to experience all the new flavors of color now available in your Hayden Home. We think it’s a taste sensation you won’t want to miss, and in the end you will create the comfort and unique style that makes your new Hayden Home your very own.
The choices are yours,
at Hayden Homes.