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May 30, 2017

Buy New – Exciting New Features Awaiting You In A New Home

One of the best things about moving into a brand-new home are the latest and greatest features that come with it. From open concept designs to modern technology and energy efficient appliances, fresh and new features are something to get excited about. As you check out our new homes in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, keep your eyes peeled for these exciting new features, and take note of which ones you want to be yours!
Energy Efficiency
Whether you’re an environmentalist or just looking to save on your monthlyNew Hayden Home utility costs (or both), brand new homes are much more energy-efficient than 20-year-old homes. New homes have been optimized with a whole-house system approach which means that appliances, electronics, water heaters, cooling systems, insulation, and windows and doors are all energy efficient.
Open Concept
Homes built a decade ago, or longer, typically divide the living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, etc. into distinct areas that are separated by walls. Today, open concept homes – where these areas all share one huge space – are the rage. Open concept living not only makes your home feel larger and more spacious, it is more inviting, and encourages guests and family to congregate together, participate in food preparation and home activities. Many new homes are built with the open concept in mind, which not only is preferred by most homeowners today, but also often incorporates higher ceilings and more natural lighting, too.
More Space
Another important thing about purchasing a brand-new home are additional storage options where it matters most, ranging from huge walk-in closets to spacious kitchen pantries. Whether you and your significant other have been bickering about closet storage or garage space, or if you have been dying for additional storage for your kids, new homes typically have a lot more to offer than used homes.
Modern Kitchen
The kitchen is often the focal point of the home, with more time being spent in the kitchen than in any other room. At Hayden Homes, we believe that kitchens should “wow” and be designed for heavy use, which is why our kitchens boast new and improved features, designs, and durable materials. Whether you have always wanted granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, or a gas range stove top, we have you covered. We also incorporate energy efficient kitchen appliances, gorgeous colors and styles, and plenty of lighting to make your kitchen feel luxurious and comfortable.
New And Warrantied
Purchasing a brand-new home is much like purchasing a brand-new car with that oh so new home smell and that oh so new home warranty! New Hayden Homes come standard with an extensive warranty that protects your investment and covers you from defects in workmanship and materials including an extended warranty on the structure and systems of your new home. We think this peace of mind should be one of our most desirable included features!
Open Daily
So, before you decide on that used home around the corner, check out a brand-new Hayden Home because, well – it’s new! To see all of the amazing, new home features that Hayden Homes has to offer, come check out some of our neighborhoods in cities across the Northwest today!