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October 23, 2017

Tastefully Decorating Your Home for Halloween

Fall is one of the best times of year for many reasons, especially if you are into home decor. In addition to changing leaves, yummy food, and scented candles, Halloween also falls smack dab in the middle of fall, providing for yet another great decorating opportunity. Here are some ideas for tastefully decorating your new home for Halloween.
Classic Fall
One way to celebrate fall and Halloween while still keeping things classy is to ditch the cobwebs and witches’ brooms and just stick to pumpkins, scarecrows, and bales of hay on your porch and outdoor walkway. For added effect, if you want to spook things up a bit, you can add a jack-o-lantern, or a model black cat. Adding an autumn wreath to the door complete with bats will do the trick, too.
Bringing Decor IndoorsPumpkins for Halloween Decorating the outside of your home is easy – you really can’t go wrong with pumpkins, fall landcare, and winter landscaping! But indoors, it can be a bit more difficult to strike a balance between spooky and elegant, tasteful and tacky. Some recommendations that can help you create just the right aura include:

  • Black candlestick holders with black or orange candles – A black candlestick holder is very classic, but when combined with a black or orange candlestick, you create a Halloween atmosphere without putting too much effort into it. This makes for a great table centerpiece.
  • Glittery spider webs, witches’ brooms, and witches’ hats – If you decide to go all out with the Halloween decor, more power to you! Consider incorporating some glitter to sparkle things up a bit. Glitter makes everything prettier. Put a fun spin on classic Halloween decorations by giving them a spray with black, and then glitter, spray paint, or simply glue some glitter where you see fit.
  • Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins – Don’t just leave pumpkins for the outdoors! Pumpkins, gourds, carved Decorate-your-new-home-for-halloweenjack-o-lanterns, and painted and mini pumpkins all have a place on shelves and tables inside during Halloween, too.
  • Bat mobile – A great DIY Halloween project that you can involve the kids in making is a bat mobile from (this an other great Halloween ideas on our Pinterest Page). This is done by finding a great branch outdoors, spray painting it black, and tying bat cutouts (that you make yourself using black cardstock) to it.

Use Leaves to Your Advantage
During fall, the change of the color of leaves is beautiful. Not only do leaves change color, but they are often shades of orange, a color that represents the festivities of Halloween. If you have too many leaves in your yard to know what to do with and that are preventing you from using the lawn aerator, consider pressing and framing leaves, creating a leaf wreath, or bundling leaves and tying with twine as part of table centerpieces. Using leaves to your advantage is an easy way to tastefully decorate while also recognizing fall and Halloween.
Enjoy Your New Hayden Home!
We hope that you are loving your new home by Hayden Homes in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho. One of the most fun things about a new home in the Northwest is decorating, so refer to the ideas above to get your dream home looking great for fall and Halloween! Happy entertaining!