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May 24, 2021

7 Inspiring and Creative Ways to Use an Extra Room

Inspiring and Creative Ways to Use an Extra RoomDo you have an extra room in your home that you’re not sure what to do with? Are you wondering, how best to use an extra room in your new home? Whether you call it a flex room, bonus space, or spare room, an extra room is a blank canvas that has potential to be anything you can imagine. Its common to see extra rooms converted to a home office or guest bedroom but if you don’t need an office or host a lot of guests, why let that room sit unused most of the year?
If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room, let your imagination go wild! Rethink how you can use this extra space to best fit your family. Here are seven ways you can use that extra room that isn’t just a home office or guest bedroom.

1. Workout Space

Turning your extra room into a workout space is a good way to staying fit without having to pay those annoying gym fees. Whether you like to lift weights, do cardio, or prefer yoga, you can create a home gym you actually want to use. Put together a list of the essentials you need for your workouts: mats, weight set, yoga blocks, resistance bands, specialized equipment like treadmills or stationary bikes, and the like.

2. Creative Studio

Give your creative passions a dedicated place to flow freely with a studio. Create your dream space to practice your hobby. Soundproof panels will let you practice and play music without bothering the rest of house. A desk and a cozy thinking area are perfect for a writer, or set up your paints and easel without worrying about packing everything back up after each painting session.

3. Library/Reading Room

If the library was your favorite part of Beauty and the Beast, you can recreate a piece of that with your own library and reading room. You don’t need much to make this room, just a few freestanding bookshelves for your collection of books, comfy seating, lamps, and side tables so you can read any time of day or night.

4. Lounge Space

Want a private space to unwind after a long day that’s not your bedroom? Then a private lounge space is just the ticket. This bonus living room can be a great place to nap, read, or watch a movie without having to fight over the remote with the rest of the family. You can even set up a discreet bar area as well to give you another option for hosting guests.

5. Fun Zone

Tired of collecting your kids’ toys from all over the house? Designate a play room for them. Kids of all ages enjoy having a unique space to play that’s just for them. Include plenty of storage for their toys, games, and books and small furniture items like tables, bean bag chairs or cushions, and they’ll be occupied for hours on end. As the kids get older, this room can be transformed into a hang out area. With some fun, comfy seating, gaming systems, and a television, you can create a space your kids and their friends can enjoy without tearing your living apart.

6. Pet Room

Do you want a space just for your pets? Consider turning the extra room into your pet’s room! Having a dedicated space your pets not only give them a quiet and cozy place to relax but it also keeps the rest of your home clear of pet stuff. Make sure the space is functional: include a bed, storage for toys, food, medication, a place for leashes and other anything else they need. Choose washable fabrics and flooring that’s easy to clean to keep pet odors at bay. If you’re low on space, you can use a nook area to create a smaller scale version for your furry family member.

7. Combination Space

Whether you need your extra room to fill multiple functions or you can’t pick one option, you can combine ideas to create the ultimate space. Divide the room into zones based on desired activities you want to use it for.
Flex rooms offer plenty of advantages to homeowners. They give you the ability to create a custom living space without the need for expensive and extensive renovations and can increase your home’s value. Plus, you can easily transform the room when you need it for something else. When it comes to ideas for your extra room, your only limit is your imagination!
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