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September 14, 2021

How to Avoid Damaging your New Home While Moving

There is a lot of activity happening on moving day. With so many people coming and going throughout your home carrying large and heavy items, some damage can happen to your home. Here are some of our best tips so you can avoid damaging your furniture and your new Hayden home on moving day.

Prepare in advance

Most damage happens when we’re rushing. Planning and preparing for your move in advance are the best ways to avoid rushing on moving day. Pack as much as possible and declutter before moving day. Here are some more ways you can prepare for your upcoming move.
While your furniture obviously fits your current home, that may not be the case for your new home. Measure the doorways, hallways, stairways, and your furniture to make sure you have enough space to move your belongings through. This will also enable you to come up with a contingency plan in case something won’t fit.

Cover walls

Walls and corners are especially vulnerable on moving day. Thankfully there are a lot of different ways you can protect these fragile surfaces. Avoid wearing rings and loose chains so you don’t risk rubbing them against the wall. You can cover your walls with drop clothes, cardboard, or even bubble wrap to prevent scratches, holes, and other bumps and bruises. Wrapping bulky items and taking your time moving heavy or large furniture items provide additional protection from dings and nicks.

Protect floors and staircase

There’s a lot of activity happening on moving day. Protect your carpet and floors by covering high-traffic areas with some self-adhesive plastic coverings. This will keep your carpet clean from dirty shoes, tears, and spills. Cardboard or felt are great options to protect hardwood floors. If you have stairs, be sure to add a nonslip runner and cover the banister with moving blankets.
Your moving company may provide removable runners and floor coverings but you can also purchase floor coverings from a home improvement store.

Don’t forget the door frames!

Trying to maneuver a large piece of furniture through a tight door frame is always tricky. Even the most careful mover can accidentally bump the door frame. Avoid dings and dents by covering the door frame with moving blankets or door jamb protectors.

Carry large items

Resist the urge to slide heavy items, like furniture, across the floor. Instead, carry them or use a dolly or hand truck to move heavier items through the house. Make sure there are enough people to move especially heavy or awkward items. If possible, dissemble larger objects and carry it out piece by piece. If you must slide something, use moving blankets or pads to minimize damage.

Use a spotter

It’s difficult seeing where you’re going through a narrow doorway or tight staircase when you’re carrying something large. Have a spotter to help you navigate through these tricky areas.

Use a professional for specialty items

Do you need to move a piano, hot tub, or other oversized item? Then you should call in the pros. If you’re hiring movers, discuss these items with them ahead of time so they can have the right equipment to safely move your items.

Have a cleaning plan

Protecting your home during a move goes beyond preventing scuffs and scratches. Don’t pack your doormat; keep that out so people can clean off their shoes before entering. While you most likely protected the high traffic areas with plastic coverings, but chances are the individual rooms are not. This will protect the carpet in those areas and reduce the amount of dirt that gets brought in.
You should also keep a cleaning kit on hand to tackle smaller cleaning tasks: paper towels to wipe away spills, a wood pen to cover any scratches in wood, and a Magic Eraser to remove scuffs on the walls. Some damage gets worse the longer it sits so it’s good to take care of these things as soon as possible.
Following these simple steps will help you avoid costly repairs and keep the home you’re moving out of and your new Hayden home from being damaged.
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