Homebuyer Purchasing Power [Infographic] | How Interest Rates Impact it

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March 22, 2018

Homebuyer Purchasing Power [Infographic]

If you’re asking yourself “how do interest rates impact my purchasing power”?  Even a 1% change in interest rates can affect how much your mortgage will be. To help answer this question for you, we’ve put together this simple infographic to show you!
Buyer purchasing power is the driving force behind real estate pricing. Every increase in interest rates drops your purchasing power which is important to keep in mind when looking to purchase now or later. As referenced in the rate sheet, you can see that as interest rates increase, buyer purchasing power will decrease.  If you would like specifics, contact a Community Manager today who can help guide you in the right path to owning your home for a payment you can afford. Find your community of interest, and visit with a Community Manager in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho today to learn more!
Home Buyer Purchasing Power