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October 11, 2017

Decorating Your New Home to Reflect the Fall Season

Fall Centerpiece Ideas As the days become shorter and the nights become cooler, there is no doubt fall is upon us. However, the change of temperatures doesn’t have to be a drag – fall is full of enjoyable things, such as the back-to-school season, Halloween, changing leaves, and it’s a great excuse to cozy up with a good book in your favorite nook in your brand new home by Hayden Homes. As you settle into fall, here are a few fall decorating tips to ensure that your home reflects the season.
Fall-Inspired Centerpieces
Whether you’re looking for a great centerpiece for the table within your new Hayden Homes’ kitchen, or you want an eye-popping piece to place on an entryway or coffee table, creating a fall-inspired centerpiece is easy to do and will certainly draw positive attention. As recommended, on our Fall Decorating Ideas Pinterest page, start by securing a round or oval shaped container that is long and shallow. Fill the bottom of the container with soil, and plant a mix of succulents, leaving plenty of room in between succulents. Then, in unfilled spaces, add an array of fall-focused veggies, like eggplants, mini-pumpkins, zucchini, and radishes. You can top it off with sprigs of fresh herbs.
Easy Fall Door Decorations
The front door is the entryway to your home, and is also the first thing to draw attention when looking at your home from the outside. As such, focusing on the front door and the surrounding area/porch is a great place to start when it comes to fall decorations. And even better, decorating the front door and front porch is easy! In fact, you can really spruce things up and get in the fall spirit simply by adding an array of different colored and different sized pumpkins, gourds, planted fall flowers (think dark oranges and reds), bales of hay, and a pretty fall door wreath.
Wreaths are fun because you can use a wide range of different materials to create a wreath that is fall-themed. Try involving the kids by going on a fallen fall leaf hunt, and then gluing leaves together around a wreath. Or, scrounge up pinecones, pumpkins, corn husks, or even cranberries to create a unique fall wreath idea.
Around Your New HomeDecorating-ideas-blog-easy-fall-decor
Another great way that you can get the kids involved and add a little flair to your new home is to create DIY framed leaves. For this project, you’ll need some beautiful leaves that are in good condition. You can also use flowers or other fall plants. Then, press your leaves or other plants in between the pages of some heavy books, being sure to put parchment paper in the books first – leaves should be flattened after about 30-45 minutes. You will then put these in a frame of your choice (glass looks great!) and hang around the home as desired.
What other ideas do you have for decorating your home? Don’t forget about decorating your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other living areas, too! And if you need help looking for a new home for sale in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and all throughout the Northwest, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hayden Homes today for help.