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May 24, 2018

Building Hope for a Local Hero

Together, with our community partners, including the City of Medford and First Story helped a Vietnam Veteran re-build his home.
Hayden Homes, First Story, The City of Medford and numerous other partners came together to rebuild Mr. William Verschoor, a local Vietnam Veteran’s, condemned home in Medford, Oregon.
Last August a local neighbor called The City of Medford about the condition of the veteran’s home. A tree had fallen and damaged the roof, sections of the floor were missing and he had no insulation or heat. Due to code enforcement, the home was deemed ‘uninhabitable’ by the building department. City officials begin to work on trying to find a way to help Mr. Verschoor keep his home.
First Story and Hayden Homes are proud and excited to partner and help rebuild Mr. Verschoor’s home. This project is a demonstration of the community’s collaborative philanthropy, allowing the veteran to remain on his property where he has resided for 42 years. The wall raising event was a significant milestone in the journey of re-building this home. During the event the attendees had the opportunity to raise the very first walls of the home and write encouraging messages to the veteran on the beams of the walls which will then become part of the home forever.
The completed home was dedicated to the well deserving veteran at a special ceremony on May 23rd. He was welcomed into his new home by the community, neighbors and numerous partners. Here are a few photos of the wonderful celebration and the activities leading up to the dedication!
Helping to rebuild a Veteran's Home