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April 5, 2018

10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Buying a new home is exciting, in part because a new home often means a lot less time and money will be spent on home maintenance in comparison to an older home. But whether you’re in a brand new, never been lived in before, home or one that has been around for a while, all homes need at least a little TLC during the springtime. So here are 10 home maintenance tips to keep in mind as the weather warms in the northwest.
Examine Windows and Doors 1. Examine Windows and Doors
Winter can be harsh on windows and doors, so during your spring maintenance, give them a good look-over. Do you notice that weatherstripping should be replaced? How does the silicone look? Do you notice any condensation between glass panes? When you catch things like this early on, it can save you headaches down the road.
Clean-your-gutters2. Clean Your Gutters
Gutters can get clogged during the wintertime, as debris, including leaves, sticks and dirt, are often common. Because gutters are responsible for directing water away from your roof and home, it’s important that they’re clean. Gutters slope ever so gradually, so it doesn’t take much debris to dam up flows.
See-how-your-roof-held-up3. See How Your Roof Held Up
If you are living in a new home, you probably won’t have to worry about your roof this year. If your home is dated, however, make sure you assess your roof once the weather starts to warm. Missing shingles should be fixed immediately. After a good rainstorm, take a moment to visually inspect your attic spaces for any leaks. Oftentimes, a leak will drip onto insulation creating a small cater so that’s something to watch for.
Spring-Tips-for-taking-Care-of-Your-New-Home4. Prep the Flower Beds and Lawn
Before Mother’s Day hits, consider preparing your garden beds by turning the soil, applying a compost if necessary, and getting any new weeds pulled.
Check-your-AC-unit5. Determine Whether You’ll Need to Service Your A/C
Before it gets too hot, make sure you service your A/C unit – the last thing you want to do is wait until the heat of summer to learn your A/C isn’t cooling your home properly, or at all!
6. Give the Exterior a Wash
Grime, dirt, bird poop and more can show up on a home’s exterior over the winter, which can both detract from its aesthetic appeal and be damaging to its surface. The best thing to do is to invest the time in cleaning it. You can use a mild soap and extendable brush to do so. Rinse with a garden hose afterward.
organized-garage7. Organize Your Garage
Spring maintenance means spring cleaning, which includes your garage. Take a few hours to throw out things that you no longer need, organize, lock up any hazardous materials, and put things into labeled bins. You’ll be glad you did!
Spring-Cleaning-Photo8. Do a Deep Clean
Spring’s also the time to give the inside of your home a good scrub down, including areas of the home that may not see as much affection throughout the year (like the inside of your oven, window seals or your baseboards). Turn on some music and have some fun while you’re at it!
Check-your-smoke-alarm9. Check Smoke Alarms
Don’t delay on checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re in working order. Do this even if you have done it in the last six months; there is never any harm in double-checking when it comes to keeping you and your family safe.
Check your furnace filter10. Replace Your Furnace Filter
Finally, your furnace puts in a lot of hard hours during the winter. Take care of it in return by replacing your furnace filter on a regular basis. This is an easy DIY-project and one that will promote longevity in your central heating/cooling unit.
Remember, the newer your home, the easier spring maintenance will be. If you’re thinking about buying a home in the Northwest, we have brand new homes for sale in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho you’ll be sure to love. For other great tips to care for your home, check out our home maintenance resource here!