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December 20, 2021

5 Ways to Transform Your New Home to Beat the Winter Blues

Shorter days, long nights, and cold temperatures can make anyone feel a little down this time of year. While you may not be able to escape to a tropical island, there are plenty of ways you can feel a bit happier this season from the comfort of your home. Here are 5 simple ways you can beat the winter blues in your new home this winter.

1. Brighten Up Your Home

It’s not uncommon for people to feel down during the winter months. The lack of sunlight can reduce the amount of serotonin, a key hormone for mood stabilization and feelings of general well-being, you receive, making you feel in a funk.

Take advantage of the light we do get by opening all the curtains and blinds as soon as the sun is up for the day. You can also strategically place mirrors around your home to reflect the natural sunlight. Updating your home’s lighting is a quick and simple way to boost your mood while making your home more comfortable.

2. Clean and Organize

Have you noticed how you’re unable to truly relax and unwind when your space is messy and cluttered? It’s not just in your mind! When we see things that are out of place, our brains focus on them and then begin to think of all the other things you need to do. Use the winter months to clean and organize your home so you can truly relax after a long day.

This is also a god time to take care of small interior home improvement projects like repainting a room, changing cabinet fixtures, hang art, and more.

3. Bring Nature Inside

Bring a bit of the outdoors inside your home with houseplants. Houseplants can brighten your home, making it feel fresh. They can also boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. Choose plants that thrive in low-light environments and can handle dry air or extreme temperatures. If you struggle to keep plants alive, you can get similar benefits from artificial plants or cut flowers.

4. Make it Cozy

Winter’s biggest appeal is getting warm and cozy at home. Make your home the perfect place to curl up with a book and a warm drink by adding throw blankets, rugs, soft pillows and ottomans. You can mix and match patterns and styles or add pops of color into your space. You can store them in a basket when not in use. Don’t forget to take advantage of the power of scent! Fill your home with good smells like scented candles (which also add a warm glow), essential oils, stovetop potpourri, or winter greenery. 

5. Spend Some Time Outside

There are a lot of benefits to spending time outdoors. Not only does it boost your mood and feelings of well-being, it also reduces stress. It’s easy to stay inside where it’s warm and dry but you’ll appreciate the fresh air even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. Can’t make it out? Consider opening a window or door to let some fresh air in.

With a few simple tweaks, you can look forward to the winter months in a warm and comforting home for your entire family.

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