10 Signs You Are Ready to Buy New

10 signs your ready to buy a new homeWith the economy looking stable, good interest rates, and competitive pricing on brand new homes, now might be a great time for you to start thinking about moving into that new home you’ve been wanting. Aside from those favorable external factors, here are 10 signs indicating you are ready to buy new.

1. You’re Spending Too Much Money on Repairs and Renovations for Your Older Home

Older homes can be very expensive to repair and/or remodel. If you are spending thousands of dollars on necessary repairs and renovations that you would rather avoid, a new home is for you. Brand new homes built by Hayden Homes will leave you feeling completely satisfied, which will save you bundles.

2. You Hate Your Current Commute

Are you tired of wasting time in traffic in order to get to your place of employment? If so, moving into a brand new home in a more optimally located area is for you! At Hayden Homes, we have homes in multiple communities throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho and moving into one of our homes could end up reducing your commute times significantly!

3. You’re Living In a Neighborhood You Don’t Love

Whether there are bad feelings between you and the neighbors, or you’ve undergone a life change, or perhaps your neighborhood is moving in a negative direction (i.e. two cars on your street have been broken into in the past month). There are many different ways people fall out of love with their neighborhood. Moving to a new community of brand new homes can provide additional comfort and security, and help you feel more “at home”.

4. You Are Sick of Your Old Home Features

Are you tired of your impractical home layout? Do you wish you had better insulation and more environmentally friendly home features? If your old home features are getting you down, costing too much in maintenance and utility costs, or are just plain unattractive and burdensome, it may be time to move.

5. You Are Ready for a Little Luxury

One of the best things about moving into a brand new home is that wonderful brand new feeling. It’s a fresh new start that won’t wear off anytime soon. With expansive spaces like master closets, brand new appliances and vibrant kitchen lighting, a luxurious tub that has never been bathed in before, and more, don’t you think it’s time to start treating yourself right?

6. You’ve Been Saving

Whether your current home has appreciated greatly or you have been putting away cash each month waiting for the day that you could move, if your savings account is looking pretty plush, the market is good right now. It’s a great time to sell an older home. Buying a new home now, before interests rates increase as they are expected to, may be a wise financial choice.

7. You Want to Save Time on Maintenance 

Maintenance doesn’t just cost money – it takes your time, too. When you reduce the amount of hours that you dedicate to home maintenance, like caulking and painting, fixing a leaky roof, repairing problems with old appliances, etc. you have more time for other things in life, like planting flowers, enjoying time with family, exercising and relaxing!

8. You Need a Change for Personal Reasons

There are a number of reasons why your current home may no longer fit your personal needs. For example, if you recently became empty nesters and want to optimize/downsize, or if you recently got married or have accepted a job in another location. Maybe you’re just needing a fresh start. A new home can make a difference.

Starting a family and looking to upgrade my home9. Expanding your Family

Getting married? Expanding your family? Having a baby? If so, congratulations! If your current home won’t fit your family growth plans, upgrading to something new and that has up-to-date safety features to help protect little ones – is advantageous. Kids also need room to play and their toys need sustainable storage solutions. Explore our floorplans to find one that makes sense for your growing family.

10. You’re Longing for Something New

Finally, maybe you just want something new. If it works for you, your family, and your budget, then what’s the hesitation? Come check out one of our new home models near you today to learn more about what we have to offer.

About Hayden Homes

Established in Redmond, Oregon in 1989, Hayden Homes has provided over 17,000 new homes, in over 300 communities, to price conscious, value-driven homebuyers in underserved, secondary markets throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Hayden Homes continues to be the largest privately-owned new home builder in the Pacific Northwest.

With a commitment to building a strong community together, Hayden Homes has contributed 3.2 billion dollars to local economies and has created more than 62,000 jobs since the company’s inception. Hayden Homes supports philanthropic efforts in the communities in which they build and have contributed more than 18.3 million dollars in charitable donations with the flagship of their giving through the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, First Story. To date, First Story has provided 82 deserving and capable families throughout the Pacific Northwest with a safe, healthy affordable home and a first step toward financial freedom. The Hayden Homes brand family of companies includes Simplicity by Hayden HomesWise Size Homes and Hayden Homes, all providing an unparalleled selection of opportunities for those looking to purchase in a new home community in a new home community in the Eugene area, including new homes in Eugene, new homes in Springfield, new homes in Albany and new homes in Medford.