We LOVE our Realtor partners! And we want to reward you for selling Hayden Homes. That’s why we created the Most Valuable Realtor (MVR) rewards program.

The program is simple, when you sell [a minimum of] 3 homes in a calendar year, you achieve MVR status. Depending on the total number of homes sold and closed, you’ll receive one or more of three reward levels, in addition to elite perks only MVR’s enjoy. Your MVR status stays with you for the rest of the year AND the entire following year. It’s that easy!

Take a moment to read the stories of some of our current MVR’s HERE!

Sell more…get more super rewards!





Sell 3 Hayden Homes in 2019 and enjoy a golf/spa day at an exclusive Northwest resort.

Sell 5 Hayden Homes in 2019 and receive a two night stay at an exclusive Northwest resort,
plus resort credit.



Sell 7 Hayden Homes in 2019 and receive two round-trip tickets and a 5 night stay
at the Ritz Carlton in Maui, plus resort credit.




✓ Exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming communities, special promotions & incentives

✓ Special SWAG (cool stuff, like an exclusive MVR jacket, active wear and insulated water bottle)
for reaching MVR status

✓ A PERSONAL lunch (in your honor) to be hosted by Hayden Homes’ Regional Director

✓ A SPECIAL “Congratulations” and membership card as a “THANK YOU”!

✓ Interview and “FRONT PAGE” story to be posted on our company Blog

Eligibility requirements to participate are as follows:

  • Realtors who sell 3 or more homes between January 1st and December 31st of the qualifying year, will be granted MVR status and receive program rewards upon recorded closing of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th home.
  • To receive the program reward tier achieved, all homes sold during the qualifying year must close by the end of the following year.
  • If homes sold during the qualifying year do not close by December 31st of the following year, they do not count towards the program reward tiers for that year.
  • Once MVR status has been achieved, status is good for the remainder of the qualifying year and the entire following year.
  • Teams do not qualify for the program unless one agent is selected as the primary contact and written as such on the contract.
  • Only one Realtor per closing is eligible for MVR status.
  • Current employees or affiliates of Hayden Homes and/or sister companies (i.e. a brokerage/Realtor who has an active listing agreement with Hayden Homes) are NOT eligible to participate.
  • Guest Brokers are eligible to achieve status and receive program rewards.
  • Homes closed with our affiliates (Simplicity Homes, Corridor Homes, or WizeSize Homes) DO NOT count towards qualification.
  • Realtors must hold an active Real Estate license in Oregon, Washington or Idaho.
  • Must be a US citizen/resident and 18 years or older to participate.