Fall Gardening Reminders from Hayden Homes

One of the most rewarding aspects of home ownership is having the space and freedom to cultivate a garden. With fall approaching, now is a great time to expend a little extra energy on yard maintenance to ensure plants stay healthy and vibrant as cooler temperatures set in. Here, a few reminders from our landscaping … read more “Fall Gardening Reminders from Hayden Homes”

A Grand Opening Weekend in Washington

This is going to be one exciting weekend for us. Hayden Homes has not one, but two Grand Openings in Washington this weekend! On Friday September 20th from 11 am to 7 pm we will be celebrating the opening of Sekani in Airway Heights, and on Saturday September 21st from 11 am to 4 pm … read more “A Grand Opening Weekend in Washington”

Home Organizing: Tips for a Great School Year

It is Back-to-School week around the Northwest, and families are working overtime to stay organized. While it may be impossible to avoid the mayhem of that first week back, you can prepare your home for the rhythm of the school year with these four tips from the Hayden Homes team: Entry way Tools like the … read more “Home Organizing: Tips for a Great School Year”

Fill the Fridge With Hayden Homes

How would you fill the fridge if you received one year’s worth of free groceries? With the Fill the Fridge* promotion from Hayden Homes, the choice is yours when you buy an existing home before the end of the year. Here at Hayden Homes, our team has some interesting ways to Fill the Fridge, and … read more “Fill the Fridge With Hayden Homes”

Hot August Nights: 15 Tips for Cooling Your Home

Did you know it is recommended that your thermostat be changed to 78 degrees during the summertime? For some, that may feel a bit on the hot side, but if you don’t have A/C, that can seem heavenly.  In order to get your house down to that temperature (and keep it there), we compiled a … read more “Hot August Nights: 15 Tips for Cooling Your Home”

Five Must-Do Summer Events in Central Oregon and Bend

Living in Central Oregon during the summertime means having a calendar that’s so dotted with activities, your iPhone calendar starts to look like it has the chicken pox.  That’s why our employees choose to work, live, and play here, and that’s why we continue to build communities throughout lively Central Oregon (and the just-as-wonderful surrounding … read more “Five Must-Do Summer Events in Central Oregon and Bend”

Wine Water and Weather

The perfect blend of the above, that is the Tri-Cities. And one of those cities that sits on the north east bank where the Columbia and Yakima River meet is the city of Pasco. This growing town is conveniently located close to everything the Tri-Cities and Franklin County has to offer. Wine – over 200 … read more “Wine Water and Weather”