Understanding Financing and Costs of a New Home

Buying a new home is an exciting process. In addition to all of the planning and thrill that accompanies being a first-time homebuyer, something to consider is the cost. Buying a new home, as you probably already know, can be a little intimidating. That’s why we here at Hayden Homes make it a priority to help you navigate the waters before plunging in. It is important to understand how much buying a new home really costs you, by taking into account the different expenses that factor into the process. Let’s dive in.

Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know

It may be the ideal time to purchase a brand new home and Hayden Homes offers new homes in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  But before you get started down this important path to home ownership, it’s important that you understand the lingo.  By familiarizing yourself with terms associated with the homebuying process, you’ll have a … read more “Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know”

Valentine’s Day for the Kids

If you are a parent, Valentine’s Day is an exciting opportunity to plan something special for the little ones in your life. Here are some ideas for some fun Valentine’s Day activities that all kids will love. Decorate the Home Decorating is one of the easiest, and most enjoyable, ways to celebrate Cupid’s holiday. You … read more “Valentine’s Day for the Kids”

Benefits of a Humidifier for Your Northwest Home

Humidifiers are a common sight in homes in the northwest, and for good reason: humidifiers help to control humidity levels in your home, keeping you comfortable and contributing to your health throughout the year. If you don’t already have a humidifier, consider these common benefits of adding a humidifier to your home.

Indoor Plants to Spruce up Your Home

While growing plants in your yard is great, allowing for greenery, shade, beautiful flowers, and yummy vegetables and herbs, not all plants can grow year-round in the northwest. What’s more, having plants inside your house has multiple benefits as well, including reducing the levels of certain pollutants and reducing stress levels.
If you love the idea of plants inside your home as a new home buyer, we have come up with a list of some great houseplants that are both pretty to look at and easy to grow.

Boise Ranked #6 in US News Top 100 Places to Live in US

If you’re buying your first home or building your dream home and are in search of the best location to do so, look no further than Boise, Idaho. Recently ranked by US News as the sixth best place to live in the United States, Boise has a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts, city-lovers, families, … read more “Boise Ranked #6 in US News Top 100 Places to Live in US”

5 Tips for Cleaning Up and Organizing After the Holidays

The holidays bring us happy memories, parties, festive decor and gifts from those we love. After the busyness of the season dies down, many realize that the new holiday decor items and gifts they have acquired do not have a place. Some of these new items are large, bulky and take up a lot of … read more “5 Tips for Cleaning Up and Organizing After the Holidays”

Spokane Fantasy Flight Giving as you Go

When it comes to making Christmas magical for deserving children, nothing can compare with the dedication of Spokane Fantasy Flight hosted by Northwest North Pole Adventures. Each year they are making Christmas magical for local kids who need it most.

Holiday Lights Hunting

One of the best things about the holiday season is the twinkling Holiday lights that brighten up the night. Driving around and seeing all of the vibrant colors and creativity that go into decorating homes, businesses and neighborhoods for Holiday is a lot of fun. It’s an activity that all ages can enjoy. Bundling up … read more “Holiday Lights Hunting”

7 Places to Visit in the Northwest this Winter

The Northwest is a veritable treasure trove of adventure, excitement and vacation spots for all ages. Our majestic snow-covered peaks, healthy forests and scenic waterfalls make the Northwest a winter wonderland. Whether you are feeling cooped up or new to the area and looking for fun winter attractions, here are 7 places you should consider! … read more “7 Places to Visit in the Northwest this Winter”