About the Build Process

From the beginning, our focus at Hayden Homes has been on building quality homes and a strong community and we are thrilled you have selected us to share in this journey with you. As we begin this journey together, we want to ensure you know the major milestones that will occur throughout the process of building a new home. Thank you for joining us, we are here for you every step of the way. Begin with Color Selections Meeting video, and continue from there.




Thank you for selecting Hayden Homes to build your new home! We want to ensure that you are informed about the different milestones that will occur while you’re building a home with us and in this video, we explain the pre-drywall meeting.

This is a one-hour appointment that you will have with your Community Manager and your Project Manager. Your pre-drywall meeting will be scheduled by your Community Manager about a week or two before your home is ready to view prior to drywall.

During the pre-drywall meeting we will take you on a tour of every room in your home and discuss the progress of your home.

This appointment is the time that we will walk through the interior and exterior of your home and review the structure and systems behind the walls of your new home.

Some of the items you can expect to see as you walk through your home in framing include the location of electrical outlets, kitchen and bathroom piping, your thermostat control locations, and other important details of your home’s construction. In addition, at this appointment, we will go over a few of your selections, such as the paint schemes, that you’ve selected, to confirm the colors for your new home.

During this appointment, if you notice something you are unfamiliar with, just ask! We are here to answer your questions.