Fun at Home: Cold Weather Activities for Kids

This time of year your home is working overtime as a playground, an art studio, a movie theater, and more.

Make the most of your space when cold weather hits with these kid-friendly activities from the Hayden Homes team!

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Locate a roll of masking tape and turn your hallway into a hopscotch table, giant tic-tac-toe board, a racecar track, or even a (Nerf) basketball court! Be sure to remove anything breakable in case things get rowdy.


It’s called the Heart of the Home for a reason, so why not use your kitchen to bake something special during the snowy season? Kids love to measure, stir, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. For great ideas like no-bake peanut butter sushi rollups, visit our Pinterest board.


Turn up the thermostat, locate those swimming suits, throw a few toys in the bathtub, and voila – a playdate at the beach! For extra fun, play some Bob Marley and make yourself a Daiquiri as you watch your kiddos splash around. Note that supervision is essential while little ones are around water.

Bonus Room

The possibilities are endless, but a few of our favorites include creating an obstacle course with party streamers, hosting a teddy bear tea party, building a fort with pillows and blankets, and enjoying a game of badminton with balloons and paper plates.

Hayden Homes Celebrates Close of South Briar Community

Hayden Homes celebrated the closing of South Briar this week, marking the completion of another successful community in the company’s Central Oregon region.

Nestled among the pine trees in the rapidly growing southeast quadrant of Bend, the family-friendly community of South Briar features 27 homes neatly set against sections of common area, lending privacy to all.

Known as an outdoorsman’s paradise, Bend and all of its notorious amenities (17 breweries at last count!) are just a few miles away.

Congratulations to all of the homeowners in the South Briar community. . . Welcome home!

Hayden Homes “Fills the Fridge” of Families in Need

There are just a few weeks left of the Hayden Homes Fill the Fridge opportunity, which provides one years’ worth of free groceries to anyone who buys and closes a new Hayden Home before December 31, 2013.

As part of this promotion, Hayden Homes filled the fridge of each of their Model Homes around the Northwest, using funny food combinations and popular treats to help spread the word about the Free Groceries offer. The food from these fridges, totaling more than $2,000 and weighing a few thousand pounds, was donated to a local food bank or shelter in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday last week, providing important and meaningful closure to the active promotion of this program.

Here are a few of the locations that received these donations throughout the Northwest:

Walla Walla –Blue Mountain Action Council

Tri Cities –Tri City food bank

Spokane –Second Harvest

Moses Lake – Community Services of Moses Lake

Central Oregon – Bethlehem Inn

Boise – Women’s & Children’s Alliance

Lane County – Eugene Mission

Thanks to all who helped to spread the word, and congratulations to all of the new and nearly Hayden Homeowners enjoying free groceries this year!

Hosting Thanksgiving: A Hayden Homes Guide

There are few gatherings more involved than hosting a Thanksgiving dinner – guests look forward to an elaborate display of seasonal favorites, which are neither easy nor quick to prepare.  But with every challenge comes reward, and with these tips from the Hayden Homes team, Thanksgiving in your new home is sure to be successful!

Set the Stage

When setting up, you will need to decide beforehand if everyone will sit down together at once or eat casually on the go. Either way, it’s ideal to have a separate kids’ table and a large dining table reserved for guests to gather, eat and socialize.

Consider also having stations set up for appetizers, beverages, and desserts so that guests are properly hydrated and nourished but also have room to roam throughout the day.

Schedule Some Fun

It is customary to leave a television on to feature a parade or football game as guests wait for the meal to be served, but there are many other ways to keep everyone occupied. Start by arranging a craft station for kiddos in a quiet corner within view but away from the dangers of a bustling kitchen. After your meal, try hosting an after-dinner game of Charades or take a walk to a nearby park as a group.

Cleaning can also be part of the fun, since many hands can make for light work when washing dishes from such a large meal.

Give Thanks

Social Media is brimming with clever ways to help your guests share the things for which they feel thankful this year – try having your group write a quick note on a tablecloth or start a tradition of hanging a message of thanks from an ornamental tree. Or, a simple and plainspoken prayer before the meal can be just as touching when appropriate for the group.

Above all, remember that Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a white tablecloth-and-polished-silver event to be special. Small, thoughtful touches and simple, well-prepared food are all that guests need to feel the Thanksgiving spirit.

Hayden Homes Completes North Village Community

Hayden Homes has finished another community in Central Oregon, providing the highest quality home at the lowest possible cost for families, couples, and one Hayden Homes employee.

On the north end of Bend, Oregon just off of Cooley Road, North Village is comprised of 47 Hayden Homes on 64 lots, with quiet and gracefully curving family-friendly streets. Many of the medium-sized homes in this affordable community also offer glorious mountain views!

Close to shopping, schools and outdoor recreation, this cottage community is sure to mature quickly and help build wealth for all of the homeowners within it.

Congratulations to the neighborhood of North Village – what a wonderful place to call home.

Winterizing Tips for Homeowners from Hayden Homes

After a glorious fall in the Northwest, the seasons have finally begun to turn. For new homeowners, this is a perfect time to add heavier bedcovers, cozier rugs, and a few door sweeps to keep out the draft. But new home owners can also benefit from certain “winterizing” chores. Here, the Hayden Homes team provides a few tips to help you prepare your new home for winter in the west.



Now that the beautiful fall leaves have fallen, remove them and other debris from your home’s gutters so that winter’s rain and melting snow can drain. Clogged drains can form ice dams, in which water backs up, freezes and causes water to seep into the house!



A burst pipe from a winter freeze is a nightmare, so make certain that the water to your hose bibs is shut off inside your home (via a turnoff valve), and that the lines are drained. Also be aware of pipes that aren’t insulated, or that pass through unheated spaces (such as crawlspaces, basements or garages). Wrap them with pre-molded foam rubber sleeves or fiberglass insulation, available at hardware stores.



By reversing the direction of your fan from its summer operation, you can help push warm air downward and force it to recirculate, keeping you more comfortable. How do you know that your fan is ready for winter? As you look up, the blades should be turning clockwise


Stay cozy this season!

Happy Halloween | Safety Tips From Hayden Homes

It’s Halloween, which means that Hayden Homes communities around the Northwest are bustling with the energy of excited trick-or-treaters. Here, our team provides a few friendly reminders to help you and your neighbors stay safe this evening.


Wear Something Reflective

Half the fun of trick-or-treating is exploring your neighborhood after dark, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared with an article of reflective clothing or a glow stick in your ensemble. Being visible means you are exponentially more safe when scurrying along the sidewalks from house to house.


Set a Route

Before heading out for your trick-or-treating expedition, plan a route and estimate a timeframe. This gives everyone – little ones escorted by parents and teenagers exploring on their own – a good understanding of where one another will be and what time they should regroup. One person in every group should also bring along a cell phone for good measure.


Follow The Lights

Children should never, ever enter the home of a stranger and should be aware to visit only clean, kempt, well-lit front porches on this day especially. Even in their exuberance, little ones should wait to ring a doorbell until parents are within “indoor voice” distance.


Treats are for Later

Instruct trick-or-treaters not to eat (or nibble on) anything they’ve collected until the treats have been examined by an adult. Throw away anything unwrapped for good measure. Even better, look into programs to send a portion of acquired candy to troops overseas!

Above all, use good judgment and communication with all family, friends and neighbors. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

At the heart of it all – Bridgewater Park

Hayden Homes is excited to introduce Bridgewater Park to the Tri-Cities community. The Grand Opening celebration will take place Saturday, October 26th from 11am to 4 pm at the model home at 9385 W. 5th Place, Kennewick, WA. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Kennewick is southeastern Washington’s major commercial district and the center of the region’s sporting and entertainment events. It is surrounded by world-class wineries, premier golf courses, museums and restaurants. Bridgewater Park is conveniently located with access to shopping, recreational activities, exceptional schools and hospitals. There are several well-appointed home plans to choose from in this family friendly area.

For more information about the Grand Opening at Bridgewater Park contact Erin Henn at 509-392-8876,

A New Home for an Albany Family

It’s a special day at Hayden Homes, as the dream of home ownership becomes a reality for another family in the Pacific Northwest through charitable foundation First Story, with support from the Hayden Homes team.

Today in Albany’s Hannah Estates community,  Luppela Sifuentez and her three daughters – Tyra, Tavia and Leticia – will raise the walls on their new home, which they will purchase through a zero down payment, zero interest, 30-year home loan provided by the organization. The floorplan that they will call home is known as “The Willow” – a 3 bedroom, 2 bath layout which also features a large fenced backyard and plenty of room for all.

The family was selected after a comprehensive application and interview process, wherein Luppela demonstrated that she was both ready for the financial obligation of homeownership, and passionate about the community in which her family would live. They will move into the completed home in July of next year, making them the fourth family in Albany to become home owners with support from First Story.

Congratulations to the Sifuentez family – we are honored to be a part of this life-changing event!

Game Day Party Tips From Hayden Homes

Football season is in full swing, which means your living room may soon become the most popular place on the block. But not all game day celebrations are created equal — it really depends on the host, and the house. Here, the Hayden Homes team shares a few tips on preparing your home for game day:

1. Seating – Hosting a gathering means that you will need to offer a variety of seating at varying heights to provide guests with a good view of the television. Estimate one person per available seat cushion, and then supplement with other seating options as needed. Floor pillows are a great, flexible solution for this.

2. Snacking – Put your kitchen island to good use by staging it like a banquet table, including varied heights to display a bounty of snacks. Make sure that you have plenty of ice-cold beverages available within view, since it feels like an imposition to open the fridge in a friend’s home. If relevant, take the time to wrap your silverware in napkins so that guests can easily grab and carry their utensils.

3. Sound – The volume of the game should be loud enough to appease fans, but moderate enough to allow for easy conversation. Most Hayden Homes come with a built-in speaker system, which to offers ideal sound consistency and master control options throughout the house. When possible, mute commercials to offer a break from the melee.

4. Supplies— The final element of a great football party is the décor, for which team colors and mascots provide easy inspiration. We recommend attaching decorations with Command Adhesive Strips to protect your walls from damage. If damage does occur, Paint Buddies from Rubbermaid are great for a quick touch-up or two.


With these tips, and a dash of creativity, your home will be the favorite venue this Football season and beyond. Tell us, how do you celebrate game day?