What’s Hot in Outdoor Living

IWhat's Hot in Outdoor Livingt’s summer but there’s still plenty of time to prepare your backyard for a season of fun. Once the overlooked space that kept faded patio furniture, outdoor spaces have become an extension of our homes. If it’s time to upgrade your backyard, check out some of this year’s outdoor living space trends to get your creative juices flowing.

Indoors Mixing with Outdoors

One of the lasting trends has been bringing the indoors out. Current outdoor living spaces are now following the same design trends as indoor areas, especially now that outdoor living spaces are seen as extensions of indoor living areas instead of an entirely separate thing. Gone are the flimsy plastic patio furniture and in its place are comfy furniture pieces that you would normally find inside, like plush seating arrangements, coffee tables, and more.

Outdoor kitchen and bars are another way of blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Installing an outdoor kitchen or bar makes entertaining a breeze since you don’t have to make multiple trips to the kitchen. It’s especially helpful on those days when it feels too hot to cook dinner inside.

Smart Technology

Continuing the idea of bringing the indoors out, installing smart technology, like programmable lighting or Bluetooth sound systems, outdoors offers homeowners new ways to entertain and enjoy their outdoor areas long past sunset.

Mixed Materials

Outdoor furniture has embraced mixed materials. You’ll now see natural elements (like natural-colored wood, wicker or rattan) combined with metallic accents like frames or accessories. Mixing materials will allow you to create a unique outdoor space that speaks to your unique design sense.

Fire Pits

Fire pits or tables pull double duty: not only are they a great way to relax with and entertain your guests, but they also provide a heat and light source once the sun sets, allowing you to extend the fun a bit longer outside. Fire pits act as a focal point and become a natural gathering point for your guests. Not only that, but they’re also functional any time of year!

Bold Colors

Outdoor living spaces are the epitome of fun. Play off that idea by embracing bold, bright colors! Bright colors and patterns are popping up everywhere from outdoor rugs, pillows, and umbrellas to name a few items. These accent pieces are the perfect way to invigorate your design without breaking the budget.

Your Guide to Effortless Backyard Entertaining

Your Guide to Effortless Backyard EntertainingThe summer months are a magical time in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is it the perfect time to explore the great outdoors, it’s also a fantastic time to host family and friends in your Hayden home.

Whether you’re planning a casual outdoor dinner for the family or a full-blown fiesta, here’s your guide for hosting an effortless backyard party with minimal stress.

Keep the menu simple…and weather friendly

Whatever you decide to serve your guests, make sure to choose items that can hold up outdoors. If you decide to serve dairy-based items like dips or salads, simply place smaller containers in a large bowl filled with ice and a sprinkle of kosher or rock salt to keep it cool.

Another way to keep the hosting stress at bay, choose menu items you’re comfortable making. It’s tempting to try new recipes to wow your guests, but cooking an untested recipe can be stress inducing. Instead, rely on an array of signature meals you know you can make quickly and easily. If you still want to try something new, limit yourself to just one new recipe.

Light it right

Proper lighting can make or break your outdoor soiree. Instead of turning in once the sun sets, make sure your backyard has ample light. Hang café-style string lights around the deck or along the fence. You can also use flameless pillar or votive candles as additional light sources.

Double check seating

Avoid scrambling the day of by taking stock of your seating options before your party. This will give you ample time to purchase or borrow additional seating as necessary. Opt for lightweight chairs that can easily be stored in your garage when not in use.

Combat bugs

Nothing sours a fun outdoor get together quicker than unwelcome bugs. If mosquitoes are a threat, remove any standing water (that’s where mosquitoes breed), plug in some outdoor fans (they don’t like moving air), and offer guests bug wipes. You can also keep mosquitoes at bay with citronella candles or use natural repellents like lavender, mint, tansy, and rosemary as table arrangements.

And some finishing touches

Now that you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to add the small details that will make your guests look forward to the next party.

  • Set up some lawn games like corn-hole, ring toss, croquet, giant Jenga, or even ladder toss to keep both kids and adults entertained.
  • Keep some blankets or a movable fire pit or heater on hand to keep your guests cozy well after sunset.
  • Create a fun playlist of music (aim for about 5 hours of music) to play in the background. Just keep it at a level so people can easily converse.

These tips will make your next backyard gathering the social event of the summer! Have you been thinking of buying a new home? Or perhaps want a home you can entertain in? Why not enter to win your own dream backyard? Enter to win from June 15th – August 31st, 2019 here!

Announcing the 2018 Dream Backyard Winner

A typically gray January day turned to thoughts of summer in an instant on Monday, January 21st, 2019 when one lucky Oregon couple visited their realtor’s office. They walked into a surprise celebration to learn they’d won the $25,000 Dream Backyard Giveaway from Hayden Homes.

2018 Hayden Homes Dream Backyard Winners Revealed

Jason and Stephanie Dalrymple of Albany, Oregon thought they were simply going to the Corvallis, RE/MAX office to give a testimonial about their homebuying experience. “I’m still in shock!” said Stephanie Dalrymple. “We think an outdoor kitchen would be really cool – we love having our friends over”.

2018 Hayden Homes Backyard Giveaway Winners in front of their houseThe Dalrymple’s purchased their home in Hayden Homes’ White Oak community in July 2018 and entered the drawing along with 8,500 other people who stopped by a Hayden Homes model home in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, or visited the Hayden Homes website during the Backyard Giveaway promotion. The couple, along with their two children, have been in their new home since August of 2018 and can’t wait to create their own backyard paradise.

2016 Dream Backyard Outdoor KitchenThey will work with Hayden Homes’ CEO, Dennis Murphy, to design their outdoor space beginning with a meeting this spring. The meeting will allow the Dalrymple’s to envision and dream up their new backyard. It could be anything from a super-sized playland for the kids, to an outdoor kitchen and lounge area. Work will be complete, so the Dalrymple’s can enjoy their new, dream outdoor space this summer.
Stay tuned for more updates and progress photos as the Dalrymple’s embark on their Dream Backyard journey.

Backyard Ideas for Your New Home

Part of the excitement of buying a brand new home is deciding how you want to decorate both inside and out. If you’ve recently purchased a new home and have big plans for your backyard but aren’t sure where to start, here are some great backyard ideas for your new home.

Outdoor Dining SpaceOutdoor Dining

If you love to eat outdoors, and let’s be honest who doesn’t, you may want to focus your backyard on an outdoor dining set up. This can be created with the installation of an outdoor patio or deck and a nice outdoor dining set. In addition to the basic table and chairs, the right lighting can add a magical ambiance. Outdoor dining arrangements are often nicely accompanied by pergolas and honeysuckles, which can provide shade on hotter days. If you don’t have an outdoor grill yet, consider buying one that you can grill and smoke meats and/or vegetables on. There are a lot of wonderful food smoking recipes that you and your guests will love.

Create an Outdoor Living SpaceOutdoor Living Space

If you just can’t get enough of the outdoors, investing in an outdoor living arrangement may really hit the spot. An outdoor living arrangement will include an outdoor dining set and may also expand to include outdoor chairs and recliners or benches, a built-in firepit, and perhaps even a full outdoor kitchen. Hot tubs are another favorite addition if you can afford one. You can look for deals on outdoor furniture when sets go on clearance at the end of the summer. Whether you are eating in your backyard, playing card or yard games, or just want a cozy corner to read a good book, you can find a lot of creative outdoor living ideas on Pinterest or by doing a simple Google search.

Create an outdoor space for peace and serenityPeace and Serenity

Some people want their backyard to offer peace, serenity, and a chance to reconnect with nature more than anything else. In order to achieve this, it can be nice to incorporate two of the most natural elements: fire and water. To do so, consider the installation of a gas or wood burning fire pit and a water feature, such as a small pond or fountain. Enjoying the sound of trickling water doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Plenty of shade and greenery is necessary to achieve the feeling of being in nature, too. Bird feeders and bird baths can be a nice touch as well.

Lush Gardens for your backyardLush Gardens

You may be excited about your new yard because it offers you the chance to grow all of your favorite fruits, veggies, and other plants. Gardens are not only a wonderful way to connect with the earth and potentially grow food for your family, but also a visually appealing addition to a yard, too. You may opt for a large plot that allows you to grow a wide variety of veggies, a smaller plot in a corner for a salsa garden, or even a series of designated garden boxes throughout the yard – one for tomatoes, one for herbs, one for peas and beans, etc. Whatever you do, allow plenty of space for your plants to grow as they will need as much sunlight and oxygen as possible to thrive.

Hayden Homes Dream BackyardWhat Are You Looking for in a Great Backyard?

Your backyard is your own canvas and anything is possible with some imagination and hard work. Whether you have landscaping experience or not, with a little help, you have the potential to transform your backyard into a paradise that brings you joy for years to come.

At Hayden Homes, we’re as excited about getting you into your new home as you are. Whether you’re buying your first home or upgrading to your dream home, we make working with us straightforward and easy. To learn more about our homes for sale in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and meet with our Northwest home builder, contact us today online or by phone. We can’t wait to help you find your new home!

Even Better… Enter to Win your own dream backyard, NOW thru August 15th, 2018! 


Designing Your Dream Backyard

While summer is well underway, there is still plenty of time to create a magical backyard that you love to spend time in, and there is certainly enough time to start planning for next year. But unless you’re a gardener or a landscape mastermind, you may not know how to design a backyard that really wows. Here are some tips for backyard design, as well as a look into the Hayden Homes’ Dream Backyard Giveaway.

The Path to Designing your Dream BackyardHow to Design Your Dream Backyard

A great article published online at HGTV.com provides some tips for designing your dream backyard and creating a landscape plan. Some of the biggest takeaways from the article include:

  • Start with the big areas. The article recommends that a homeowner start by planning the size and shape of the biggest areas of the backyard first, such as lawn or courtyard. This will help you to understand how the rest of your yard will be shaped.
  • Understand your personal preferences. When creating spaces, you have a choice between straight lines or curved, symmetrical or asymmetrical designs, circles or squares, etc. While the shape of your home and the amount of space you’re working with may influence these choices, your personal preference will likely have the biggest effect on this decision. Look through landscaping and gardening magazines and pay attention to what draws your eye and affection the most.
  • Keep things balanced and bold. As you’re planning your landscape, you want to keep things balanced, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little bold, too. One recommendation from landscape architect Gary Menendez is to soften straight lines with flowers or lush plants, and to make curved garden pop by putting in an herb garden in a geometrical or sharp-line pattern.

Of course, there’s always the option of hiring a professional, too! With a little research and planning, though, you should be able to create a beautiful landscape on a budget.

How-to-Design-Your-Dream-BackyardDownload Ideas from our Previous Backyard Winners
If you’re looking for a little more inspiration and you don’t want to design your backyard from scratch, we are excited to share with you the plans from our past Dream Backyards winners! Feel free to download and utilize these!

The-Hayden-Homes Dream-Backyard-GiveawayThe Hayden Homes’ Dream Backyard Giveaway

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have a professional come and design your backyard for you and if you didn’t have to worry about coming up with the moolah? With the Hayden Homes’ Dream Backyard Giveaway, that’s exactly what you could get! The Dream Backyard Giveaway is an opportunity to turn your dreams for your backyard into a reality. The giveaway is a whopping $25,000 that can go to whatever your backyard dream is! Have you been thinking about a backyard jacuzzi? Or maybe a fire pit? Or just beds upon beds of gorgeous flowers or vegetable gardens? You can enter to win NOW thru August 15th, 2018 on the Hayden Homes’ Dream Backyard Giveaway website. There is no purchase necessary.

Start-with-Your-Dream-HomeStart with Your Dream Home

Before you can start thinking about your dream backyard, you need to find your dream home! Hayden Homes can help – we have homes for sale throughout the Northwest, including the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We help homebuyers like you in buying your first home, upgrading to a bigger home, or just changing locations. Contact us today to learn more!

Beat the Heat with These Summer Gardening Tips

You need vitamin D, and being outside in the sun is the very best way to get it. And who doesn’t like to soak in some rays on a gorgeous summer day? But, just like your plants, too much heat and sun can leave you feeling fried, dehydrated, and downright burnt. As such, knowing when enough is enough, and smart ways to beat the heat, is important.
In order to get all your gardening done in your new home’s yard, you’ll need to be outside. So here are some great summer gardening tips that are designed to help you provide your plants with the care they need, all while staying cool.
 Beat the Heat with the great summer gardening tips
1. Use a Sun Hat!
One of the best ways to keep the sun off of your face and neck while you’re in the garden (and look stylish while doing it) is to use a sun hat! Sun hats with a side brim that provide full coverage of your face, neck, and even chest are the best. Some hats are even made with UV-protective materials,  which may be a good option.
2. Don’t Forget Your Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is critical to feeling good and being safe when you’re outdoors, especially when temperatures are hot. Drink plenty of water before going outside, and sip frequently while working, too.
3. Use Lightweight, Long-Sleeve Clothing
It can be tempting to expose all of your skin to the sun – who doesn’t love a nice tan? But keeping covered will not only help to keep you cooler (so long as you’re wearing airy, light-colored clothing), but also help to keep you safe. Skin cancer is a serious concern that shouldn’t be taken lightly – cover up if you’re going to be outdoors for hours at a time!
4. Shade is Your Ally
Take a day to track the sun and the shade in your garden. At what time of day does each section of your yard get the most direct sunlight? In order to beat the heat, try working with the shade, which means working in shaded areas and avoiding sunned areas, and then rotating as the sun moves across the sky.
5. Take Plenty of Breaks
Staying in your yard for hours at a time to finish clearing up all those weeds or planting your summer crops without taking a break doesn’t make you a hero. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to take a break as needed to cool off. Overheating can be a health hazard and can lead to frustration.
 Beat the Heat with These Summer Gardening Tips
Get Your Yard Looking Great This Summer!
If you’ve just bought your dream home and you want to make sure it looks great both inside and out this summer, the tips above can help you achieve that. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect home, we here at Hayden Homes can help. We have new homes for sale in communities throughout the Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Learn more about our brand new homes and how to qualify for your new home purchase by reaching out to us today!

Hayden Homes Dream Backyard Giveaway: From Concept to Creation!

Follow the Limbeck’s Backyard Transformation

CEO, Dennis Murphy and the Limbeck’s Designing their Dream Backyard!

The 2017 dream backyard planning has officially begun! On Monday, Feb. 5, Hayden Homes CEO Dennis Murphy visited our Obsidian Trails community in Redmond, Oregon, to sit down with Brett and Bibiana Limbeck, the lucky winners, and sketch out some initial ideas.

Since the Limbecks’ have yet to move into their new home and were planning to install landscape on their own, the backyard is an empty space just waiting for some love. On their backyard wish list are a stand-alone hot tub, fire pit (or fireplace), low-maintenance plants and an outdoor kitchen for entertaining friends and family during the spring and summer evenings.

Dennis listened to the Limbecks’ wants and sketched out their ideas on a blank landscape plan, as well as adding some helpful suggestions, including landscape lighting and planter locations, to create the perfect vision for the Limbecks’ soon-to-be dream backyard. Now, as they finalize their ideas and approve the final plan, it’s only a matter of time before we can start construction this spring!

The Limbeck’s can’t wait for their Dream Backyard!

In the meantime, Dennis left Brett and Bibiana with a favorite landscaping book on Pacific Northwest gardens to help the lucky winners choose some beautiful, low-maintenance shrubs that will compliment their lifestyle and help their back yard come alive.

Stay tuned this spring, when we anxiously watch as the Limbecks’ backyard transforms from concept to creation!

We will be sharing images throughout the makeover and even the Limbecks’ first party in their new backyard.

Follow us as this yard becomes a dream come true!

If you are interested in learning more about Hayden Homes, please call 1-800-923-6607.

Announcing the 2017 Dream Backyard Winner

2017 Dream Backyard Giveaway RevealOur 2017 Dream Backyard Giveaway Contest has officially come to a close after the announcement of the winner Tuesday, December 12th. 2017. The announcement proved to be an emotional one as the holiday season came early for one lucky Central Oregon family after learning they had won the $25,000 Dream Backyard Giveaway.

Brett and Bibiana Limbeck of Redmond, Oregon had just finished their framing walk through and were headed back to the model home to warm-up when they were greeted by a crowd of excited people, champagne and and balloons. But despite being in shock, “I never thought we would win,” said Bibiana, the Limbecks are looking forward to creating a relaxing oasis where they can enjoy time together as a family.

The Limbeck’s purchased their home in the Hayden Homes’ Obsidian Trails Community in September 2017 and entered the drawing along with 6,000 other people who stopped by a Hayden Homes model home in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, or visited the Hayden Homes website during the summer Backyard Giveaway promotion. The couple, along with their four children, Anthony, Kevin, Brandon and Madison. will be moving into their new home in March of 2018.

The Limbecks 2017 BYG WinnersThe Limbeck Family will have the opportunity to design their dream backyard with help from Hayden Homes’ Chief Executive Officer, Dennis Murphy. The first design meeting will take place in February, which will allow the Limbeck family to visualize a relaxation space that suits their needs and interests. All plans will be finalized in time for the installation of the new backyard in summer 2018.

This exciting announcement was picked up by the Central Oregon Daily as well as the Cascade Business News! You can watch the Redmond family celebrate the exciting news HERE or read the full article from Cascade Business News HERE!


Boise-Backyard Giveaway 2017

After nearly 8 months in the making, the 2nd annual, Hayden Homes $25,000 Dream Backyard Giveaway culminated this Month as Shane & Alex Hunter and their family were presented with the prize of a lifetime.

The Hunters are residents of our Antler Ridge community in Boise, Idaho, and were surprised as the lucky winners among thousands who entered to win the $25,000 Dream Backyard Giveaway, in December of 2016.


After meeting with Hayden Homes’ CEO, Dennis Murphy, in April of this year to discuss ideas and their vision for an outdoor oasis, construction on the yard, which started out with no landscaping,  began at the end of May and concluded this August with a Backyard reveal and community celebration open to their neighbors and the public.

Friends and neighbors who stopped by for a glimpse into the outdoor escape, enjoyed a barbecue and tour of

the completed yard, which captivated all. A vast covered patio is the focal point of the yard. Beneath the covered patio is an expansive outdoor kitchen equipped with refrigerator, gas BBQ, & granite countertop bar.  Hayden Homes Backyard Giveaway FirepitAdjacent to the covered area is an inviting gas fire pit for friends and family to gather round, perfect for entertaining. The stunning landscaping features a crushed rose quartz path, with favorite plants, and flowers of Alex. Trees accent the border of the yard, as well as a custom built storage shed.

“We’re just so excited to finally enjoy our dream backyard…it truly is a dream and we’re extremely thankful to Hayden Homes,” Shane said. “It’s been an incredible transformation and we can’t wait to share it with our family.”

Hayden Homes was thrilled to give away such a fantastic prize to a great family that will enjoy this yard and make many memories in it for years to come.

Congratulations to the Hunter family! Your backyard oasis awaits!

Dream Backyard Is Nearly Complete

Our landscapers and construction team in Boise, Idaho have been working hard the past few months to make a Dream Backyard become reality. With 2 weeks left before we unveil the finished product, the Hunter’s, Hayden Homes’ $25,000 Dream Backyard Giveaway winners, couldn’t be more excited and are ready to host some summertime fun in their Antler Ridge dream backyard.

In addition to beautiful landscaping, the Hunter’s dream backyard includes a new retaining wall, a covered patio, built-in outdoor kitchen, and custom gas fire pit – the perfect place to entertain and spend family time outdoors.

The unveiling is just weeks away and we are excited to share the transformation. Look for an unveiling video and photos soon!

Join us as we celebrate this dream backyard Saturday, August 5th from 12-4pm at 12200 W Oneida St., in Boise, Idaho with a community barbeque. You’ll want to see this amazing dream backyard yourself!

Stay tuned as we get ready to start our 2017 Hayden Homes $25,000 Dream Backyard Giveaway.

Alex and Shane Hunter putting their new BBQ to use