Hayden Homes of Redmond Sponsors Employee Skin Cancer Screening

By CBN  on October 18, 2016   E-Headlines

In today’s healthcare environment, we don’t often hear about companies offering more benefits at less cost. But for employees of Redmond-based Hayden Homes, the cost of a skin cancer screening co-pay was one less health care expense they needed to absorb this year.

On September 28, Central Oregon employees of Hayden Homes received free skin cancer screenings along with paid leave during their workday to undergo the screening, which took place at Bend Dermatology. The event was so well-attended that Hayden Homes is partnering with Bend Dermatology to schedule a second employee screening.

“Given that 40 percent of our employees work outdoors year-round, it was an easy decision to offer skin cancer screenings as a critical first step toward early detection,” said Dennis Murphy, CEO of Hayden Homes. “We recognize that happy and healthy employees contribute to our long-term success.”

Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook Counties all have significantly higher incidence rates of melanoma than the national average. What’s more, a recent study published in the clinical journal CUTIS revealed that employee skin cancer screening programs are an important and effective method for examining high numbers of people quickly and efficiently.

“The great news is that of the 40 plus Hayden Homes employees who were screened on September 28, not one received a skin cancer diagnosis,” Murphy added. “However, we feel strongly that annual screenings ensure our employees have the information they need to protect themselves and detect cancer early when it’s more treatable.”

Hayden Homes, the largest privately held homebuilder in the Northwest, has been building homes throughout the Northwest for nearly 30 years. The organization supports local communities by employing local contractors and vendors and contributing annually to philanthropic efforts in the communities in which they build.  In 2015, Hayden Homes contributed more than $2 million to charitable donations with the flagship of their giving through the 501C3 Non-Profit, First Story.  The Hayden Homes brand family of companies – Simplicity by Hayden Homes, Wise Size Homes and Hayden Homes – have built in over 300 communities and in 65 cities and towns throughout Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Hayden Homes Helps Fund New Redmond Artwork

Hayden Homes Helps Fund Redmond Art Project
Andy Tullis / The Bulletin file photo

New artwork funded in Redmond
Evergreen building will get new window piece
By Kyle Spurr, The Bulletin,  @kylejspurr
Published Oct 23, 2016 at 12:03AM

After a successful fundraiser and large donation, Redmond’s public art committee is planning new projects in the city.

Earlier this summer, the committee collected about $6,700 from an art fundraiser that featured 20 painted sculptures of rockchucks, the yellow-bellied marmots found in Central Oregon.

In addition, Redmond-based developer Hayden Homes recently donated about $6,600.

Redmond Committee for Arts in Public Places Chairwoman Linda Gilmore Hill said the fundraising money will help add pieces to the city’s outdoor gallery. The Hayden Homes donation will fund an art glass piece on a window inside the Evergreen building, a historic school building being renovated to serve as city hall.

“Our plan is to put some kind of art glass over the face of the window so there would be a piece of art inside the building,” Hill said.

The public art committee has also targeted other areas at the new city hall. With existing funds, the committee hired local artist Kim Chavez to create a bronze sculpture depicting the three mascots at the historic school. The sculpture of a panther, eagle and wolf is expected to be done by early next year, when the new city hall is slated to open.

For the art glass piece inside the historic building, Hill said, a request for proposals will go out within the next week. The committee plans to work with the Oregon Arts Commission to attract artists from around the state who may be interested in the project.

Jason Neff, Redmond’s deputy director of central services, who is managing the city hall renovation project, said the glass artwork will be an interesting component to the renovated building.

“We thought it would be neat to look at an art project there,” Neff said. “It’s an interior window where there is some opportunity.”

The more than $13,000 from the fundraiser and donation is a huge boost to the art committee that operates on $15,000 allocated in the city budget each year.

“We don’t really get many large donations at all,” Hill said. “The fundraiser started out as a public awareness of art.”

With 10 new pieces added to the outdoor Art Around the Clock Program in July and the recent donations, Hill said, the public art committee continues to grow.

“It’s great for the economic development for the community,” she said. “We are really proud of our program.”

Geoff Harris, regional director at Hayden Homes, said the local private homebuilder enjoys positively impacting groups such as the public art committee. The company often donates to local programs.

“We love to have the chance to participate and help the community however we can,” Harris said.