300 Point Inspection

No home is complete until it’s certified complete.

The benefit of buying a new home instead of a used home is to move into your home that’s perfect from day one. However, even with some new homes it’s not uncommon upon move in to find a missing door knob, a cracked fixture, a dent in the drywall or countless other oversights that can take the joy out of what will be one of the largest purchases of your life.

At Hayden Homes our 300 Point Inspection ensures that when you receive your keys to your new home it is built to our quality standards. After your home has received the final inspection from the city, your Hayden Homes Construction Manager thoroughly inspects each and every square foot of your home, reviewing over 300 items on our quality inspection checklist. Your home is not considered complete until every item on the list has been inspected, checked off and certified complete. This detailed process, combined with our New Home Orientation, ensures that our standards have met yours, resulting in your happiness.